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IoTeX Charity Program I — ETH Foundation

⚠️Our Charity Whitelist Signup has ENDED! 📣Now you can check your status by PM @IoTeXBountyBot and enter /charity_whitelist

✅ Approved: You can continue with the donation process next week for IoTeX’s 1st Charity Program.
We will release detail donation instructions before it starts. You are eligible to earn our appreciation points ONLY if you follow the donation instruction CAREFULLY/PRECISELY.
✅ Not Approved — Waitlist: Your application has not been approved since you are not in the first 3000 participants list. You cannot get our appreciation points even you make the donation next week. However, we will put you on our waitlist with certain “advantages” for our future charity programs.
✅ Not Approved: Your Charity Whitelist application has not been approved. You cannot get our appreciation points even you make the donation next week.
✅ Closed: You have not finished signed up before we closed the Charity Whitelist Channel.

⚠️ Please PM @Lori_IoTeX if you have any questions about your status.

In the next few months, we will select a few charity programs that align with IoTeX’s mission of “Connecting the Physical World, Block by Block” as part of our community reward program. We are going to kick off the 1st Charity Program with Ethereum Foundation!

IoTeX 1st Charity Program — ETH Foundation

Ethereum has revolutionized the blockchain world for the past four years and made “blockchain” the newest buzzword. As an industry leader, Ethereum has provided grants to fuel researchers and developers to work on various forefronts to support the entire blockchain ecosystem. IoTeX strongly believes that we can move forward the entire industry through rigorous research and collaboration. We need talents and the brightest minds to make a splash in the world. A small yet powerful way for you to help our cause is to donate ETH to the Ethereum Foundation to help fund blockchain research.


You may think that blockchain research is very well funded, but that is often not the case. The truth is: grants in an academic setting are often preferentially given to prominent researchers with a lot of existing resources. The whole distributed concept that Satoshi promoted was to close the gap in wealth disparity. We want the donated Ether to close the research funding disparity between a tenure professor and a young professor starting his career/a developer hacking his way through the next breakthrough/a comp sci student with the next big idea.

IoTeX Appreciates Your Help in Charity!

We will give out bounty points for your BIG heart! As part of our reward program to encourage people to make the world a better place, IoTeX will give you points as a token of appreciation. If you donate ≥ 0.2 ETH, IoTeX will give you 16,000 points as a one-time appreciation reward.

⚠️ If you donate more than 0.2 ETH, you will receive a fixed amount of 16,000 points from IoTeX as a one-time thank you gift. We will list all donors in our website to show our appreciation.

Charity Bounty Program FAQ

Is it the whitelist for ICO/Public Sale? If not, what is it for? Is the same with ICO?

✅No. We are not planning for an ICO/public sale. Here at IoTeX we believe in growing together with the community and connecting the physical world block by block. It’s a very ambitious goal but we know that with a strong team and supportive community we can make it happen! Help us pushing the frontier for the development of the blockchain ecosystem. We truly hope that our community can understand our original intention and help promote our cause.

We want our community to have a deeper understanding of IoTeX by participating in different campaigns. We believe the only way to build a better community is to have everyone involved, which is the reason why we hosted many campaigns and gave away points for the last few months. We always want to reward our early supporters and believers who have helped pave our road every single step of the way.

How should I know I am whitelisted? Will I receive an confirmation email? What is the next step?

✅As long as you completed the sign up form, the whitelist registration is finished. There is no confirmation email. We will verify your information in the next few days before the donation starts. You can check with @IoTeXBountyBot whether you are approved or not after we finish the verification process. Once it is ready to check, we will notify you by pin message in the group. If you are approved, you will be able to participate in the donation process next week on 3/20/2018 5PM PDT — 3/21/2018 5PM PDT. Please ONLY donate through @IoTeXBountyBot, otherwise we cannot verify you and give you the appreciation points. We will announce detail instructions of donation early next week.

What does it mean by ‘Wishlist of Charities’?

✅We will have several more charity programs in the next few months. Please let us know to which charities you wish to make the donation. We will consider adding them in our future charity programs.

Is the charity program a one-time activity?

✅No. We will have more charity programs in the next few months. This is the first one.

For this charity program, can I get more points if I donate more?

✅No. We give out an one-time fixed amount of 16,000 points. If you meet the minimum donation amount, we will provide 16,000 points for this charity program. We do not give proportional points based on your donation amount. It is the same rule as our Huobi voting campaign. This rule is also applicable to our future charity programs.

What are the points used for? When can I get IOTX token?

✅ Within 15 days after our token issuance, you will be able to redeem the points (1:1 points to IOTX ratio). MINIMUM redeem requirements: 100 points. If you have less than 100 points, you cannot redeem to IOTX until our mainnet is released.

When will you issue the token?When does it get on exchange?

✅ We will finish the token issuance and get on exchange in the next couple of months. We will make an announcement when we have the exact date and let you know in our IoTeX Telegram Group through pin message.

What is your token metrics?

✅ Please check the information in our website:

Total Token Supply (fixed): 10,000,000,000 IOTX

Private Sale (closed): 25,000 ETH

Token Price: 1 IOTX = 0.0000125 ETH

Why I can’t use /eth_set to submit my ETH address now?

✅ We temporary closed the /eth_set command to avoid conflicts since there is a ETH address setup step in our whitelist sign up process. We will reopen the command later.

Will there be a second whitelist in future charity programs?

✅ Yes, we will open a new whitelist registration for every new charity program. You will NOT be bundled with IoTeX’s charity programs. It is totally up to you to decide which charity’s cause that you would like to support. For example, if you like the first charity program you can donate to it. If you don’t like the second charity program, you are NOT obligated to donate and continue to participate in the reward program.

About IoTeX

IoTeX is dedicated to create the next generation of the IoT-oriented blockchain platform. The cutting edge blockchain-in-blockchain architecture will address the scalability, privacy, isolatability, and developability issues relating to the IoT DApps and ecosystem growth. By combining token incentives with our vibrant global community, we believe we can crowdsource top industry and community talents to push the frontier of blockchain 3.0.





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