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IoTeX & Gitcoin GR10 Hackathon: Winners Showcase

To fuel the next generation of blockchain developers, IoTeX was a proud sponsor of the Gitcoin Grants Round 10 (GR10) Hackathon, which ran from June 16 to July 7. To kick things off, the IoTeX core team hosted a developer webinar on “Building on IoTeX with Web3”. Throughout the hackathon, we had the pleasure of working with 20+ developer teams that built great tools, dashboards, and Dapps on the Web3-compatible IoTeX platform!

IoTeX joined Gitcoin and other top projects in bringing Web3 to life.

GR10 Hackathon Winners

For this GR10 hackathon, we issued three challenges to the Gitcoin community that allowed developers to build on various parts of the IoTeX platform, including the Web3 Babel API, ioTube cross-chain bridge, and Pebble Tracker. We are happy to announce the winners below, and stay tuned for more regular hackathons from IoTeX!

🌎 Power Your Dapp w/ Real World Data from Pebble Tracker

  • Air Quality Monitoring Dapp (demo, repo) by jpick713: a Dapp for air quality monitoring that provides multiple levels of permissions, ability to register and whitelist devices, and setup an “air quality contract” for companies with min/max thresholds for “good” and “bad” measurements. We look forward to seeing similar Dapps powered by Pebble Tracker!

🌉 Analytics Dashboard for ioTube Cross-Chain Bridge

  • ioTube Analytics (demo, repo) by skhiearth & simmsss: a fantastic analytics dashboard to visualize two-way token swaps activity via ioTube between IoTeX and Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. This dashboard is rich in information and highly configurable — a valuable asset for our growing community of ioTube cross-chain bridge users!

🔀 Port a Solidity dApp to IoTeX using Babel Web3 API

  • “Disperse” Multi-sender Dapp (Demo, Repo) by Rafat: the popular token multi-sender Dapp is now on IoTeX! The Disperse Solidity-based smart contract was ported seamlessly to IoTeX using the Babel Web3 API and paired with a simple yet functional frontend.
  • Social Network Dapp (Demo, Repo) by developer-piyush: an example smart contract + UI from the Blockchain Academy was ported to IoTeX using the Babel Web3 API, showcasing how social media can be powered by IoTeX in the future. A simple project, but we appreciated the effort!

Honorable Mentions

Thanks to all of our participants — although the winners we chose submitted more complete projects, we know this was a shorter hackathon and we hope all participating teams continue their work via Halo Grants. Here are some cool projects we hope to see built out further in the future!

Calling All Developers!

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➡️ Reference: IoTeX Docs | Ethereum Compatibility | DID | Full Nodes




Founded as an open source platform in 2017, IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, an open ecosystem where all humans, machines, and businesses can interact with guaranteed trust and privacy.

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