IoTeX (IOTX) is now an official “Gold Label Project” on Binance Info!

This past Monday, Binance Info launched their new Gold Label Project, which aims to provide users with the most trusted information on blockchain projects. IoTeX is proud to be one of the first blockchain projects to receive the Binance Gold Project label! Now Binance users and IOTX holders can get in-depth details on IoTeX’s team members, real-time trading statistics, token economics, general IoTeX news, and more on our Binance Info page.

Binance Info is a cryptocurrency information platform providing users with accurate and comprehensive crypto market data, news and project rating reports.

As an open information platform, Binance Info encourages all users to participate in maintaining accurate information on crypto projects. By creating a token profile, editing missing or incorrect project information, contributing news sources, and more, users can help the community better understand coins and tokens. Stay tuned to our official channels for more information on the formal launch of the IoTeX “Binance Gold Project” page.

About IoTeX

IoTeX is the world’s first privacy-centric blockchain platform that is fast, flexible, and Internet of Things (IoT) friendly. IoTeX’s global team is comprised of Ph.Ds in Cryptography, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning, top tier engineers, and experienced ecosystem builders. Designed and optimized for IoT, IoTeX uses state-of-the-art privacy, consensus, and subchain innovations to capture the full potential of IoT. By enabling trusted data, interoperability, and M2M automation, IoTeX connects the physical and digital worlds and brings trusted machine economies to the masses.

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