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IoTeX Project Update #12 — January 24— March 18, 2019

Greetings everyone! We are back with our Project Update #12 for 01/24 –03/18, 2019 period. In the last month, our team has continued to work hard on developing and preparing for the release of our upcoming Mainnet Alpha code, we have put together and announced the IoTeX Delegates Program, welcomed on-board a few new partners, launched our Delegate Elections voting website, reopened Testnet v2.0, launched new campaigns for our communities, and attended some events. We have prepared this blog post as a recap of our recent achievements to share with our beloved community. It’s a long post, but we’ve been doing a lot of work! Get comfortable and read on.

IoTeX Delegates Program

We have officially launched our voting website for Delegate Elections. The 40+confirmed Delegates are now on our website. Each Delegate has prepared their own website, introduction, community plan, rewards plan that you can access through the new voting website. Check it out!

To help you get familiar with our voting platform and Delegates, we launched a Referral Campaign that is still available until voting begins.

💙 Thanks to your support, IoTeX DELEGATES VOTING reached 100% goal in only 3 days!

Voting is still going on — please keep voting to Help IoTeX Build A Stronger Network !

📢 Mainnet rehearsal will start soon and Mainnet launch is coming by the end of March — Stay tuned to our future announcements!

We announced five groups of confirmed Delegates, and published spotlights of each group. These groups include Ecosystem Partners, Ambassador Delegates, and Developer Delegates.

Our confirmed global Delegates bring a wide range of sophistication to our ecosystem, including mobile/cold storage wallet support, advanced research into real world applications for the IoTeX token, global media and branding expertise, demonstrated commitment and loyalty towards building up our network, security expertise to strengthen the network further, and much, much more. The five groups are linked below.

The governance design of the IoTeX network encodes the rules and processes that define how the network will reach consensus, incentivize network participation, and evolve sustainably over time. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the IoTeX Delegates Program, focusing on application, voting and election guidelines.

Resources for voters:

Voter’s Guidebook ▶️

Interested in becoming a Delegate?

The Delegates election process will kickoff in February 2019 and the IoTeX Mainnet Alpha is expected go live in March 2019 — get excited! If you are interested in becoming a Delegate, please complete this form.

🎁Here comes your opportunity to impact the future of IoTeX and earn great rewards for voting! To kick off the IoTeX Delegates Program, we will be launching a series of new community reward campaigns to walk through the voting process, explain rewards for voters, and spread the word. 💰Over the next month, we will be distributing Millions of IOTX and Member Only rewards to our community — don’t miss out on your chance to earn points/tokens!

IoTeX Mainnet — Staking/Voting & The Grand Design

While we are extremely focused on launching the Mainnet and IoTeX root chain, we are always thinking ahead about the bigger picture of IoTeX Network for the next 5–10 years. Our long-term design employs Separation of Powers, a term coined by Charles-Louis de Secondat, which states that political authority should be divided into legislative, executive and judicial powers. Inspired by this concept, the grand vision for IoTeX utilizes four layers with unique roles.

Technical Development Updates

We have reopened the IoTeX Testnet. Our tech team made huge strides with performance, reliability, and security in this iteration. We published instructions to help you create a full node and explore the Testnet yourself.

We have changed to weekly release to speed up the Mainnet launch process, and released 0.5.0-rc1. 0.5.0-rc2, 0.5.0-rc3 successfully to the testnet:

  • Fully removing the old genesis config
  • ioctl, a comprehensive command line tool for interacting with blockchain
  • Improved election service robustness
  • Improved block sync efficiency
  • Improved storage size by ~50%
  • Adding block producer productivity query API
  • Fixing performance & security bugs
  • Upgrading protoc-gen-go to v1.3.0
  • Other code improvements

In addition to that, we have fully opened the Testnet to 30+ delegates, who, together with our robot BPs, started block production and earning rewards.

Partnership Updates

New Technical Partners for IoTeX’s Delegates Program

If you want to become an IoTeX Delegate but need technical assistance, our partners have your back. Check the link for more info on who Infinity Stones, Airfoil Services, Metanyx, Staked and EON are, and contact them (and us!) if you’re interested in becoming a Delegate.

New partnership IoTeX x XYO

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with XYO — the world’s first decentralized geolocation oracle powered by a human-powered P2P network. Over the coming months, we will explore how to sync XYO’s geolocation capabilities with the IoTeX blockchain, allowing IoTeX developers to leverage XYO’s geolocation network.

Exchange Listing Updates

IoTeX is now listed on UPbit! UPbit is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. We’re honored to be presented on such a well known and reputable global exchange!

🏆 IoTeX has been selected by Allbit for the Allbit Listing Competition! Please support us 💙Top 3 projects will be listed on Allbit and will be recommended for priority review for KRW Market Listing on Upbit.

💰If you are participating in our Allbit Trading Lucky Draw Campaign, please fill in the form to provide your trading proof and wallet address. Random AIRDROP to these accounts are also planned — Seize the chance! ▶️ Results are collected everyday at 5:00 AM KST time.

IoTeX is also listed and supported on ChangeNOW and StealtheX.

Media Coverage

Events & Conferences

Our founder Raullen attended the 2019 Stanford Blockchain Conference and gave a talk on Bless-for-Reward (B4R) Authentication of Blockchain State for Lightest Clients on February 1st.

Further at Stanford, IoTeX’s Larry Pang and Tian Pan spoke at the Graduate School of Business on January 30th to a group of Stanford and Tsinghua MBA students. Thanks for having us, Stanford!

Community Updates & Campaigns

We had several AMAs as scheduled, including two livestreams with our co-founders.

General AMA & Livestream — January 25, 2019

Tech AMA — February 8, 2019

General AMA — February 22, 2019

General AMA & Livestream — March 1, 2019

Bug Bounty Campaign

IoTeX is excited to announce the brand new Bug Bounty Program for developers! It is an open offer to external individuals to receive compensation for reporting iotex-core bugs, specifically related to security of the core functionality. 🎁 Check reward details here and happy hunting!

Larry’s interview with BlockchainBrad

IoTeX News

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About IoTeX

Founded as an open-source project in 2017, IoTeX is building the world’s leading privacy-centric blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their mission is to build a decentralized trust fabric for a new era of collaboration and data exchange among devices, applications and people. Backed by a global team of research scientists and top engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, trusted hardware and edge computing to realize the full potential of IoT.

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