IoTeX Project Update #2 — 4/14/18–4/29/18

Greetings everyone! Last week we reached a very important milestone on our journey to “connect the physical world, block by block”. On April 20, we released our first code release of our Testnet Preview (codename: StoneVan), on which we will be iterating on top of over the next coming months. We also received some very exciting news from Huobi! We are thrilled to share all this great news with you in this update.

HADAX “Special Event for Super Voting Notes” Winner

In February, Huobi, one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges, launched a sub-brand exchange called Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX for short). We are thrilled to announce that IoTeX has been selected as one of the winning projects of HADAX’s “Special Event for Super Voting Nodes”. As one of only two winning projects, IoTeX will receive HADAX sponsorship to list our tokens on their exchange.

Out of 30 top tier projects, IoTeX received the second most votes with reputable support from 9 of 18 “Super Nodes”, including Kenetic, Hashed Capital, DraperDragon Innovation Fund, and FBG Capital.

As we are working diligently to prepare for our upcoming token issuance / listing dates and celebration events, we will be sure keep you updated with the latest news on our Telegram Group and Twitter page.

Technical Updates

IoTeX Testnet Preview (StoneVan) Release

Our first code release, StoneVan, is officially live and was released to the general public on April 20. We have received great feedback from the community on this initial release, and are looking forward to sharing updates with you as we drive towards our Testnet Alpha and Beta releases.

As our first release, StoneVan offers many basic features of a blockchain, such as transaction and block handling, gossip protocol over a P2P network, a pluggable consensus framework leveraging our innovative R-DPoS scheme, and initial RPC support. During the week after StoneVan released, we have also made two major improvements:

  • Enabled network e2e test in CI cycle to ensure stable code delivery quality
  • Implemented transaction order randomization to help obscure address-transaction correlation

Detailed instructions for running the StoneVan code are provided in this README file. You can also check out our YouTube video for a detailed overview and demo of the release:

StoneVan Demo Video

Contributions from our supporters to help IoTeX reach its full potential are all welcomed and greatly appreciated! Contributions can include style/bug fixes, feature recommendations, proposals for schemes/algorithms, and help with documentation. For code contributions, please refer to our Contribution Guidelines for more information. To report issues, please file an issue on our Github page.

Short Version Whitepaper — Chinese Version

We have published a short version whitepaper in Chinese. Thanks to our Chinese supporters who helped us with the translation and fine tuning! The latest English version 1.4 can also be found on our website. We will update our website with more multilingual versions soon.

Chinese Version Whitepaper

Community Updates

Bug Bounty Program — IOTX Token Contract

Security of users’ funds is our top priority. We welcome everyone to participate in our bug bounty program and contribute to the success of IoTeX! For this bug bounty program, we want to reward any participants who discover bugs that fall under the below two categories regarding to our IOTX Token Contract.

  • Tier 1 (2,000,000 IOTX reward): A security vulnerability that would result in loss of value (IOTX or ETH) or restrict or delay the transfer or exchange of IOTX tokens;
  • Tier 2 (10,000 IOTX reward): minor bugs, efficiency improvements, or other recommendations.

Please take a close look at our contracts on GitHub and submit any issues for review to Happy hunting!

WeChat Platform — New Chinese Community Channels

A new Chinese Community channel is available for anyone to join — please note that these channels are in Chinese. The latest updates and campaign announcements will be published through this new channel, in addition to our existing Telegram groups.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) for Testnet Preview

Since we released our Testnet Preview StoneVan last week, we have received plenty of great questions from our community. Therefore, we prepared an AMA to keep everyone informed and answer questions we received from the community. Please feel free to reach out and ask more questions at any time, and we will update this post as we add in more related Q&As.

IoTeX at Blockchain Career Fair

On April 18, the IoTeX team attended the Blockchain Career Fair at UC Berkeley, which was hosted by Dekrypt Capital and Crypto Parency. It was the largest Blockchain Career Fair ever held in the United States, and we were so happy to meet all types of eager blockchain enthusiasts. More than 20 top global blockchain companies that have made huge contributions to the advancement of the disruptive decentralized technology also attended the fair, including NEO, Coinbase, Cosmos, ICON, and Tezos.

The IoTeX team was quite popular during the career fair sharing thoughts with talents from all around the world!

Our co-founder, Raullen, was also interviewed by the hosts during the career fair

IoTeX livestream video starts from 2:13:00.

Check out more details on our open positions below. We are currently hiring for multiple roles, as well as interns! We look forward to meeting you, and bringing new energy to the company as well as the overall blockchain and IoT industry!

Media Coverage


Please join us in welcoming our new team member — Larry Pang! He will officially join the Community & Growth team and help IoTeX bring our revolutionary technology to the general public. Larry was previously an Engagement Manager at Oliver Wyman, a top global management consulting firm, and specialized in digital operations. He has a dual B.S. in Finance & Economics, and a minor in Visual Arts & Design from MIT. Welcome Larry!

Upcoming Events

New Community Reward Program at 7:00 PM PDT on May 1st

May is a big month for IoTeX! Before we issue our token and get listed on HADAX (official dates coming soon!), we will be kicking off several new community reward programs to show our appreciation to our amazing community which have supported us along our journey.

Our next reward program will begin on Tuesday, May 1st at 7:00 PM PDT. It will be a multi-day, open campaign (i.e., NOT first come, first serve) where you can earn up to 2,000 points. Detailed information will be disclosed one hour before the campaign starts.

** Completing this campaign will also qualify you for our other upcoming campaigns in May, so please make sure you don’t miss this!

** This campaign requires valid Twitter and Youtube accounts.

Charity Program #2

In March, IoTeX’s first charity program, which supported the Ethereum Foundation, was met with a tremendous response from our community. We raised over 340 ETH to help fund blockchain research and gave out ~3 million IOTX to the community — thank you to all that donated to this great cause!

While our first charity program supported the pioneers of blockchain technology, we want our second charity program to foster the next generation of blockchain and IoT developers.

The official donation recipient will be announced on 5/2, which is also the date that we will open our charity whitelist. You will need to sign up for the whitelist to participate, as we will be capping the number of donations for this charity program (cap is TBD). The official whitelist sign up period will be 5/2/2018 7:00 PM PDT — 5/3/2018 7:00 PM PDT. The official donation period will be 5/7–5/9, and we will be sure to include the full details of this charity program in our announcement at 6:00 PM PDT on 5/2.

** Following IoTeX official Twitter page is required to be approved for the Charity Program whitelist and donation. Please make sure you have signed up on Twitter and followed us before the charity program #2 whitelist opening.

** Participating in the campaign on May 1st is required to be approved for the Charity Program #2 whitelist and donation.

IoTeX Top Picks

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To learn more about IoTeX, please feel free to check the information in our official channels.

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About IoTeX

IoTeX is a decentralized network for the Internet of Things (IoT), powered by a scalable, private, and extensible blockchain. IoTeX’s team is comprised of Ph.Ds in Cryptography and Machine Learning, top tier engineers, venture capitalists, and management consultants. IoTeX uses a lightweight blockchain-in-blockchain architecture, innovative Ran-DPoS consensus mechanism, and cutting edge privacy-preserving schemes to push the frontier of blockchain 3.0.