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Project Update #6 – 7/25/18–8/10/18

Greetings! We are back with another bi-weekly project update for 7/25/18–8/10/18. In the last two weeks, the IoTeX team has been hard at work for both technical and partnership developments. Besides successfully kicking off IoTeX’s very special partnership program that the team has ceaselessly been working on to deliver to our community, we have also engaged in more meaningful campaigns, AMAs, and events. We are excited to share with you our progress we have accomplished to end the month of July strong and to start off August on a great note.

Technical Updates

Technical Developments

  • Finished the rewriting of Roll-DPoS consensus implementation, which makes the CPU utilization be improved by ~100%
  • Started to integrate IoTeX blockchain with Ethereum smart contract/Solidity
  • Implemented the MVP IoTeX web wallet

Welcome Yutong to our Tech Team!

Yutong Pei

Yutong has just joined us as a Staff Blockchain Engineer to architect and develop IoTeX blockchains. Holding a M.S. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Yutong has a rich experience in security and distributed systems. Before IoTeX, Yutong was the tech lead in Uber’s Identity & Security team, the mastermind behind Uber’s authentication systems. Before that, he was a member of the Technical Staff at Upthere, focusing on user account security and data protection. Yutong is also a white hat hacker, holding a number of bounties under his name including Facebook and Evernote. He also presented in Blackhat as a speaker back in 2016.


Partnership Program Kickoff

We are extremely excited and happy to officially share that our Partnership Program went live on July 31. Throughout this year, we have had the pleasure of meeting many potential partners in the blockchain, IoT, connectivity, and smart device industries. Through these interactions, we have gained valuable insights about our role in the blockchain and IoT ecosystems, as well as reaffirmed the importance of aligning ourselves with strategic partners that share similar values and vision.

Head to IoTeX Official Partnership Program Launch to read more on our philosophy, structure, and potential benefits on our strategic partners.

Official Partnership Website Launched

Following our official announcement of IoTeX’s Partnership Program, we also launched our official partnership website to the public on August 2! This website showcases our strategic partnerships across development partners (e.g., IoT companies, blockchain projects), ecosystem partners (e.g., distributors, incubators), and alliances. We are proud and eager to show you what is to come in the near future with our partners. You can follow with us on this journey here:

Strategic Partner — Lineable: Expanding the Reach and Impact of Wearables with Blockchain

With both our partnership program and website officially underway, we shared to our community our first strategic partnership with Lineable, a wearable device based in Seoul, South Korea. Although it is too early to publicize concrete milestones and timelines, IoTeX and Lineable are both committed to one overarching goal: connect all of Lineable’s devices to the IoTeX blockchain in 2019. We look forward to working with Lineable to ensure their DApp fully leverages the capabilities of IoTeX’s blockchain to make Lineable’s vision a reality.

Lineable Partnership details:

More about Lineable — Semtech’s LoRa Technology Help Saves Alzheimer Patients in Real-Time:

Strategic Partner — LianAn: Formally Verifying the Security of IoTeX

Following our Lineable strategic partner announcement, we also shared with the community our LianAn partnership. Chengdu LianAn Technology is a formal verification company focused on blockchain security, based in Chengdu, China. LianAn’s core technology is formal verification of security-critical systems, and they have provided their services to the aerospace, military, and now blockchain industries. LianAn recently launched their Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) platform, which offers automated and robust blockchain and smart contract verification for EOS, Ethereum, and other blockchains / smart contract languages.

In addition to leveraging LianAn’s formal verification services, IoTeX will also work with LianAn on research for blockchain and smart contract security. IoTeX looks forward to working with LianAn and other ecosystem members to combine our strengths and advance innovation in privacy and smart contracts.

LianAn Technology Partnership details:

Strategic Partner — SmartHab: Smart Buildings and Cities Powered by IoTeX

Last of the first week of announcements but not the least, we have also officially announced our SmartHab partnership. Based in Paris, SmartHab was founded in 2016 by veterans from the real estate and technology industries. SmartHab builds and installs end-to-end smart apartment solutions, which connect various types of smart devices to automate apartment operations (e.g., security, HVAC, lighting) and add transparency for both residents and building owners. Their next goal is to create a decentralized platform that will become the standard for smart building data notarization.

As two organizations at the forefront of IoT security innovation, the primary goal of our partnership will be to ensure the HAB platform best utilizes the IoTeX blockchain to capture maximum security, privacy, and usability benefits. Although no concrete timelines have been set, we hope to successfully launch the HAB platform on the IoTeX blockchain in 2019.

SmartHab Technology Partnership details:

More about SmartHab — Funding From Real Estate Giants Connected Apartments:

Community Updates

IoLove Creations Campaign (Now Closed!)

From July 23-July 30, we received so much love from our community through our IoLove Creations Campaign. Countless #CreatedWithIoLove submissions from supporters all around the world blew the IoTeX team away. We were impressed not only because of the amazing artistic skills our community holds, but also because of the resonating message these artworks conveyed over and over again — IoTeX’s community is globally strong and is one that has proven to think outside of the box. We are honored to have a community with such vigor and dedication! On this note, the IoTeX team would like to showcase #IoLoveFeatures, submissions that we believe have encapsulated the spirit of the campaign perfectly if not better than what we had imagined it to be. Congratulations to the top 100 submissions, and thank you to everyone who participated. It’s been our pleasure hosting this campaign!

IoLove Creations Campaign details (#IoLoveFeatures included!):

IoLove Creations Top 3 Submissions

1st Place:

1st place submission.

2nd Place:

2nd place submission

3rd Place:

3rd place submission

Check out more #IoLoveFeatures we will be posting spontaneously on our Twitter!

General IoTeX and Cryptodiffer AMA — 8/3/2018

As promised, we are completely transparent with our project, team, and more, delivering AMAs bi-weekly to reward our community for asking questions. For this week, we held two AMA’s for our community on our own subreddit as well as Cryptodiffer’s discord channel. Thank you all for the thoughtful questions submitted, and for being patient with us as the IoTeX team answer your questions one-by-one.

IoTeX General AMA — 8/3/2018 details:

CryptoDiffer Discord AMA — 8/3/2018 details:

Upcoming Events

IoTeX Meetup & Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour

The IoTeX team will be hosting a meetup in San Francisco on August 17 from 5:30PM-8:30PM. We hope to make more personable relationships with our community and supporters! Come by for both the IoTeX meetup and the Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour event. Look forward to drinks, snacks, and great conversation! Check this link out to RSVP and for more details.

Crypto 2018 (38th International Cryptology Conference)

From August 19–23, IoTeX will be sponsoring the Crypto 2018 (38th International Cryptology Conference which will be held at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). IoTeX will be one of the only few blockchain projects chosen to sponsor this renown event alongside Ethereum Foundation, Zcash, and IOHK (Cardano). Crypto 2018 is the top one amongst three most popular academic conferences worldwide for the international cryptography industry. This academic conference covers many fields including security analysis of symmetric cryptography, cryptography theory and practices, algorithmic number theory, cryptography for IoT, and more. We look forward to attending this conference which is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), and to sharing thoughts with industry/academic leaders.

Crypto 2018 details:

News/Press Releases

IoTeX News EP1

IoTeX News EP2

IoTeX Interview with Boxmining — What it Takes to Build a Private and Scalable network for IOT

Block72 — Meet IoT with Blockchain, IoTeX

IoTeX Interview — Provider for Optimized Solutions in IoT Use Cases

IoT Dedicated Blockchain Project IoTeX Secures First Ecosystem Partner

About IoTeX

IoTeX is the auto-scalable and privacy-centric blockchain infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoTeX’s global team is comprised of Ph.Ds in Cryptography, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning, top tier engineers, and experienced ecosystem builders. IoTeX is developing several in-house innovations to push the frontier of blockchain 3.0, including a blockchains-in-blockchain architecture for heterogeneous computing, lightning fast Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism, and lightweight privacy-preserving techniques. IoTeX is bringing autonomous device coordination to the masses by “connecting the physical world, block by block.”

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