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Ucam: All the Features You Want

Consumers today have a tough choice. Either live a feature-rich lifestyle OR a private lifestyle, there really is no in between. These days it’s not uncommon for privacy seekers to use ”no Internet” phones, giving up the luxuries of an iPhone for the peace of mind of a flip phone. But the real question is why can’t our devices offer both convenience AND privacy? Well now you can — enter Ucam by IoTeX.

Since Day 1, IoTeX’s vision for Ucam has been providing all the features users WANT without sacrificing the security & privacy users NEED. While full data privacy is the key differentiator, Ucam also surpasses other cameras on the market by offering the latest and greatest features: one-click setup, 1080p video, 360° coverage, motion detection, two-way audio, night vision, and much more.

In this blog, we detail Ucam’s amazing features and preview the official Ucam mobile app. For details on Ucam security and privacy, please see our earlier post.

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