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Letter sent on Jun 9, 2017

9 Major Keys to IoT, The World in 2067, and Open Source IoT Hardware and Software

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1) 9 Major Keys to the Internet of Things


This radical disruption will impact you and the ones closest to you. Your safety, security, health, and convenience are all at stake. This post will give you an intro to IoT and help you take the rights steps to get a grip on the Internet of Things.

Here are the 9 major keys to IoT and a more connected you…

From safety and security to health and wellness. From virtual reality and entertainment to energy and geofencing. Here’s your intro to IoT from Parth Kapadia.

2) The Year is 2067…

John lazily opened his eyes as the rain started.

The droplets pinged against the hydrophobic glass in the dark, as streetlights swept by overhead in a hypnotic warp drive. He wiped the sleep from his face and looked at the time. 3:47 a.m., which meant he had about an hour left.

He liked to take the Ford on his trips from New York to D.C., as it wasn’t terribly longer than a flight and he had a fear of flying. It was certainly faster to take the hyperloop, but there was something romantic about a car on the open road.

As a technology historian, it fascinated him that people once piloted these multi-ton vehicles without seatbelts, with nary a computer driving aid, never mind the full autonomy required on highways today.

“Show me something interesting,” he said aloud…

Jared Porcenaluk let’s you live a day as John, a technology historian in the year 2067, and glimpse the future of IoT; where AI is ubiquitous and chips are embedded in your skin.

3) Open Source Hardware and Software for the Internet of Things

One of the most important things to understand about how open source software (and hardware — more on that later) is a good fit with IoT is in the approach. Think of open source as a little bit like crowdsourcing information. Take Wikipedia, for example; the idea is that with numerous sets of stakeholders with different experiences, interests, and expertise, all working on the same problem, the outcome will improve…

From the device, to the edge, to the cloud, to the data center, Brian Ray shares how open source software and hardware is bringing interoperability to the Internet of Things.

4) 10 Best Practices for Forming Partnerships in an Emerging IoT Market

The IoT market is in its early stages and this challenges solution vendors to remain relevant as requirements and outcomes constantly change. In this setting, knowing how to form partnerships is a critical strategic skill that can make the difference between staying relevant and going out of business…

Benson Chan gives us 10 best practices for actually developing those partnerships.

5) IoT Equipment Suppliers Be Warned — FCC Strictly Enforces RF Equipment Rules

In everyone’s favorite classic movie, the seemingly “Great and Powerful Oz” was revealed to be nothing more than a charlatan with feet of clay when a little dog pulled back the curtain that separated the Wizard from the outside world.

For IoT equipment suppliers, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) is turning out to be the Wizard of Oz in reverse. This agency, which is publicly stating its intent to foster the growth of IoT, is quietly imposing brutal penalties on suppliers that don’t comply with its equipment authorization and marketing rules…

Ronald Quirk examines a recent release from the FCC that threatened to prohibit non-compliant RF equipment suppliers, including IoT suppliers, from marketing their devices in the US.

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