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Blockchains for Public Data

Is this the future or just part of the hype?

Illustration: Neil Stevens

Blockchain Benefits for Governments, Companies, and Consumers

In his article, Mr. Forde uses ride-sharing companies as an example to illustrate how blockchain can benefit governments, companies, and consumers.

Is Blockchain for Public Data Actually Realistic?

As of today, the open database that Mr. Forde is suggesting simply does not exist. But many organizations, such as the IPDB Foundation, are working to achieve serverless decentralization of data. The current challenge is to address the security challenges and merge theory with reality.

Now IMHO one of the ways these [blockchain] startups can become commercially sustainable and avoid this downward pressure is if they can successfully leverage machine learning somehow. It’s this combination of technologies that I like most because guess what: machine learning likes big standardised data sets and ultimately I believe this is the main promise of ‘blockchain’.

But blockchain in and of itself cannot be the solution. We need a blockchain+ solution: a combination of new technologies that keeps our public data open and sustainably so.

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