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Letter sent on Jul 14, 2017

Creating Good UX in IoT, the Power of Preventive Maintenance, and Future-Proofing Your IoT Infrastructure

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Why It’s So Hard to Create a Good User Experience in IoT

Creating a good user experience in IoT is hard. There are more layers of technology, more users to please, and more teams to coordinate than ever before. Are you prepared to lead the way as a Product Manager?

Throughout the years, UX practices have evolved and adapted to the latest technology trends, from the desktop application era, to the web revolution, to the mobile revolution.

But now, product and design teams face a new UX challenge, one that might be bigger than all the previous ones combined: the IoT revolution…Read Article

Go Big on IoT Value with Preventive Maintenance

Imagine you’re standing in a sprawling open pit mine. It’s in the middle of nowhere, two miles across, one mile deep, and specked with 45 gigantic autonomous trucks hauling iron ore out of the pit. Each wheel on those trucks towers over a person standing on the ground, and each pair of tires costs $100,000

These lumbering vehicles operate under extreme loads and in extreme conditions, and it’s critical to keep them operating productively every single day. You need to anticipate problems so you can fix them before they breakdown, but how? You’re miles from anywhere…Read Article

How to Future-Proof Your IoT Infrastructure Investment

For all the value and disruptive potential that Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide, corporate buyers face a dilemma. Today’s IoT technologies are still immature point solutions that address emerging use cases with evolving technology standards.

This post discusses a planning strategy called “future-proofing” that helps managers, buyers, and planners deal with obsolescence…Read Article

IoT & Play — 3 Examples of How IoT is Transforming Our Entertainment

The reality of IoT is that the opportunities are practically endless when you start connecting things with things, humans with humans, and humans with things. As more and more devices join IoT, the potential effects on our daily lives remains a hot topic of conversation with everything from security implications to logistical implementation being discussed.

But what about the way that we play? How will a shift towards pure inter-connectivity impact our gaming and leisure habits?…Read Article

Examining 5 IEEE Protocols — ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, and WiMax

Various types of wireless technology and networks allow devices to speak (send data) to each other and to the web (TCP/IP Networks) without cables. There are a number of different wireless technologies out there that can be implemented in hardware products for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communicationRead Article

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