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Letter sent on Jun 28, 2017

Grocery Chains are F*cked, New Breakthroughs from DeepMind, and How to Make Smart Cities

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Amazon’s Whole Foods: Grocery Chains are F*cked

If you haven’t heard by now, Amazon just bought Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion dollars. There’s been a lot of speculation about Amazon’s motives. But let’s rewind for a second to December, 2016, when Amazon announced their automated grocery stores…Read Article

New Breakthroughs from DeepMind — Relational Networks and Visual Interaction Networks

Relational intelligence separates artificial intelligence systems with human cognition. While humans can reason about physical relationships between objects, computers have yet to make that connection until now.

DeepMind, the creators of AlphaGo, quietly published two groundbreaking research papers into this area, demonstrating a way to train relational reasoning using deep neural networks…Read Article

How to Make a Smart City — 3 Smart City Projects You Can Implement Right Now

Whether you are a mayor, a municipal employee, or a voting citizen, it can be helpful to know where to start in transforming your city or community. Here are some ideas that are being put into practice right now across the world, helping citizens save money, time, energy, or all of the above…Read Article

How to Add Alexa to a Raspberry Pi (Or Any Linux Device)

Below you’ll find the latest version of an Amazon Alexa virtual device project. This project aims to provide the ability to bring Alexa to any Linux device, including embedded systems like Raspberry Pi boards.

At the end, you will be able to build a voice-activated, digital home assistant, which will answer a multitude of questions, read books, play music, tell jokes, provide weather, and even more…Read Article

Secure Connectivity — Why It’s Important and How to Implement It

For many people, talking about security is about as interesting as a trip to the dentist. So why should you care about security? If you care enough to invest in an IoT solution, you should care about security on the Internet of Things.

In fact, Gartner proposes that overcoming security issues is the lynchpin to the Internet of Things’ successRead Article

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