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How IoT Supports Mission-Critical Systems, the Major Trends in IoT and What Owning a Real Smart Home Is Actually Like

And the best articles from this week, curated by the IoT For All Team.

Our Latest Podcast Episodes

How IoT Supports Mission-Critical Systems

Podcast E017

The #AskIoT team sits down with Mark Testoni, President & CEO of SAP NS2, to discuss IoT in the public sector, how IoT affects national security and the most challenging parts of building mission-critical solutions. Listen now!

What Are the Major Trends in IoT?

Podcast E016

The #AskIoT team sits down with Scott Nelson to talk about his role as Chief Product Officer at Digi International, major trends in the IoT industry and how important design is when building an IoT solution. Scott reminds us to make sure that what we build matters. Listen Now!

Our Top Reads from the Week

What Owning a Real Smart Home Is Actually Like

This new series, “The Smart Home Reality,” details the author’s troubles creating a smart home. It seeks to benefit unknowing customers, and it encourages smart home product makers to improve user experiences and product interoperability. The author concludes: “Don’t invest in a smart home unless you know what you’re doing.”

IoT Security by Design

Our homes and our businesses are filled with “smart” / connected devices, which are great, but they also expose numerous new attack surfaces. The “security by design” framework may offer a path forward. It’s a set of principles within hardware and software development focused on making security a core concern in the design and development process.

Will You Be a Digital Winner or a Digital Loser?

Don’t get stuck on the wrong side of digital transformation and IoT. Here’s what you can do to keep from falling behind. TL;DR — be speedy, think like data companies, differentiate via software, leverage your assets and track/manage them remotely.

Free eBook: An Introduction to IoT

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IoT is hard and there’s a lot of confusion around it. What is it exactly? Is it something that my business or organization needs to use? What are the use cases? The risks? How do I get started?

Confusion arises not because the concept is so narrow and tightly defined, but rather because it’s so broad and loosely defined. It can be hard to nail down the concept in your head when there are so many examples and possibilities in IoT.

With this eBook, you’ll learn what IoT means and how you might be able to use it to build a new organization, to launch a new business line within your existing organization, or to simply improve your internal processes and operations.

Five Things We’re Reading

1—MIT Tech Review: The flow of influential Chinese AI research papers is increasing rapidly. China’s AI research could overtake the US within just two years.

2—Smart Cities Dive: US transit unions asked Congress and the USDOT to prepare better to support transportation workers displaced by autonomous vehicles.

3—ReadWrite: UX in the MedTech industry is lacking. To improve it, leverage personas, do a Google Ventures design sprint and perform thorough user testing.

4—Telecoms: AI may be the future (and the now), but a study from Cornwell University suggests robots could negatively impact human performance.

5—MIT Tech Review: Boris Katz, who was instrumental in the invention of virtual assistants (e.g. Siri and Alexa), thinks they’re doomed without a better AI approach.


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