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My Facebook Data Selfie

What does Facebook know about me when I scroll through my newsfeed?

My Data Selfie

The first few days after installing Data Selfie, I found myself more conscious of my digital footprint even though the algorithms did not have enough data to generate predictions. I realized that I almost exclusively use Facebook on my phone. Since Data Selfie is not supported on mobile, I had to force myself to use Facebook on my laptop to gather data.

What Does This Mean & What Can I Do?

The dichotomy between my perceived self and my online persona forced me to rethink how I interact online. Do I project my inner thoughts somehow online more so than in person?

“If it’s just Ugg boots and Mac cosmetics, maybe that’s okay,” Flores Mir says. “But if they’re targeting you to try and influence your vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — maybe that’s not okay.”

At a time where data privacy is becoming a hot topic and after learning that a big data company hyper-targeted pro-Trump ads during the election based on personality profiles created on Facebook, using similar tools like the Data Selfie, digital literacy is becoming a critical factor in an increasingly connected world.

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