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Product Strategy: IT + OT = IoT

Reimagine your products for a connected world

  1. GTM Strategy
  2. M&A Strategy

Core Attributes of Product Strategy

In the past, product strategies dealt with how we built products by integrating multiple technologies, both IT and industrial technologies.

  • Elsewhere in the business world, we used to buy phones and computers to run our call centers (quadrant 4). Later we outsourced call centers to BPO firms. We shifted our consumption to quadrant 1 instead of consuming products from quadrant 4. Similar consumption change is occurring in other industries where products like a medical device or a robot can be offered as a service. This change in consumption mirrors the change in consumption preference (and associated delivery model needed) in the IT world.
  • The ownership and operations of the product
  • The payment for consuming the product

1. Mode of Product Consumption

An extreme example of a product that’s undergoing a consumption model transformation is the book. The paper-based book went from a physically shipped item to being delivered via a connected product either visually (on Kindle or smartphone) or via audio (Audible service and Amazon Echo). Advances in ICT allows new ways to deliver your product to your customers and change its form-factor while you’re at it.

2. Ownership and Operations

We have many choices on how to own and operate (manage) what we consume. For ownership, our choices are to own outright or buy rights-to-use. Then we get to decide if we want the asset to be managed by us (Do-It-Yourself) or managed by someone else (Get-It-Done).

3. Payment for Product Consumption

How we pay for the things we consume hasn’t changed over the years. All of our monetization models for products or services can be mapped into these two types below — transactional or subscription based.


Internet of Things is partly about value creation, using the ability to communicate and control things over connections and automating how we get work done. Products with embedded intelligence talking to the cloud bring the power of remote control to everyday things, much like the iPhone and iCloud has done.

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