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Letter sent on Feb 23

The 7 Connected Car Trends Fueling the Future

And 4 more top posts from the week, curated by the IoT For All Team

Artificial Intelligence

🏎 7 Connected Car Trends Fueling the Future
Many of the technologies that will completely transform the driving experience are only in the preliminary stages and many roadblocks to adoption still exist, like traffic infrastructure and product affordability. Here are the 7 trends that are shaping the way we will soon take to the road.

⬛️ Report on AI is Straight from Black Mirror
In a new report, The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation, researchers describe four dystopian scenarios involving AI to warn us of the potential negative implications of the technology.

Internet of Things

🗺 Create User Journeys For Your IoT Dashboard
What does it take to create a valuable dashboard for your IoT project? This article walks through the initial steps, which include researching, creating a priority list of features, creating user personas/user journeys, and finally, putting the journeys into a flowchart.

What’s Nokia’s Blockchain-driven Sensor Solution?
This week, Nokia launched a new smart city platform along with a blockchain-driven sensor solution. The solution will allow carriers to add NB-IoT capability to their existing infrastructure more easily.

📦 How Will IoT Improve Delivery and Logistics?
From intelligent cars to biomedical sensors, the implications of IoT are huge. But just how is IoT affecting the logistics industry — both from a business and a consumer perspective? Here’s how new technology could improve delivery and warehouse operations.

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