IOV News
IOV News
Jul 3 · 3 min read

Dear IOV supporters,

We are so excited to be working together towards the release of the IOV Name Service. We are convinced that together we are contributing to changing the way transactions will be handled in the future.

Our team has been working days and nights to develop the IOV Name Service, we thank them for their hard work. Today we are feature ready (we release the version 0.18 of the IOV Name Service here). We are getting closer to our launch, but we are not quite there yet. Though we did our best efforts, we have to update our initial plan as we truly believe it is the best way to provide the most secure and attractive product.

We have decided to launch our technology service in several phases.

The following milestones will take place over Q3 2019:

1/ Namespace Pre-registration

In a few weeks from now, companies and individuals will start pre-registering their personalized address in the IOV Name Service.

We already received an important number of interests, which we see as a building block for mass adoption of the IOV Name Service.

2/ TestNet — Blockchain audit & Building quality score

IOV has high-quality standards and we take security very seriously. Our blockchain is currently being audited by a top class security company. We will release our chain only when it has been reviewed.

Our ambition is to nurture a network of Validators with strong technical skills, reputation, and positive behavioral skills and to ensure a long-term performance for the Blockchain and the IOV token.

Our first validators can already start working on their quality score to build a track record. For more details on our consensus model.

3/ Launching MainNet — Release of tokens

IOV tokens will be released at the launch of the Blockchain, in the most secured form.

IOV is building a Hardware security module to be able to distribute the IOV Token securely to all contributors.

4/ Chrome Extension & Wallets

Chrome Extension and Wallets will be provided during or after launch.

A number of partners will provide our Name Service functionality into their wallets. Our Wallet is built on the BCP and use the IOV Name Service’s human-readable address functionality. Much like an email address, the IOV wallet will allow for users to own personalized wallet usernames under the *iov namespace.

We also have a number of exciting news we are happy to share on current and upcoming topics regarding IOV.

- IOV Name Service is being integrated with Cosmostation, one of the major Cosmos Wallet. This is the achievement of months of development of the IOV Technology. It’s time for our community and partners to embrace it and we feel very excited about it.

- IOV has been keeping raising money despite a recent bearish market. We are glad to see that our project has always been assessed for its intrinsic value, its experienced team, and long-term vision.

- The recent success for like-minded projects in our ecosystem has acted as an accelerator. Leveraging that momentum will surely benefit IOV and its contributors.

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Access all blockchains from one personalized address.

IOV News

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IOV News

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IOV Blog

IOV Blog

Access all blockchains from one personalized address.

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