IOV announces Karine Arama as Chief Operating Officer

The IOV team is pleased to announce that Karine Arama has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of the company. Karine joined IOV in September of last year as Head of Investors Relations and has since been an integral part of IOV’s success.

“The blockchain world has been constantly transforming over the past two years. IOV has been growing very fast and the company is now at a crucial moment of its existence. There is both a momentum to make it real as a technology and to design a future for the company that is sustainable on the long term with the establishment of strong partnerships around the world. We are very excited to have Karine step into this new position. It was a natural progression from all the dedication she has put into IOV since the start, both with our fund-raising and the marketing department”, said Karim Ganem, CEO & co-founder of IOV. “Karine brings a lot of experience in the financial world, as well as great leadership skills. Her experience in financial markets, her international profile and her network are great assets for IOV. The fact that she has had her own company following a long carrier in Banking also demonstrate that she can understand the dynamic of both worlds”.

As IOV keeps growing, Karine’s position as COO is a clear reflection of the strong path the company has been on since the beginning. She is also taking a strategically crucial role as Head of Marketing and Sales, at the crossroad between the business and the technological side of the project.

“My primary mission is to make sure the vision and strategy of IOV are implemented and executed across the company. Another focus will be to ensure that the level of communication is high and of good quality, whereas it’s top/down, bottom/up, laterally or to/from our contributors”, said Karine.

During her career, Karine has had 20 years of Sales and Management experience in Fixed-Income products at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Scotland in Paris, London and Singapore.

“I would say that my international career in Banking, supplemented by an experience in entrepreneurship are bringing a number of skills to IOV leadership team, such as the capacity to manage and to execute based on given strategy and vision, as well as the respect of processes while demonstrating leadership and communication skills”, added Karine.

There are great opportunities that lie ahead for IOV and Karine’s new position is one more step to deliver our mission to provide equal access to the world’s values and digital assets for all.

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