Antoine Herzog
Sep 3 · 3 min read

There are few moments in tech businesses that are really exciting, one is setting the vision and the other is delivering it.

We are freezing our code 🥶

After a year and a half of thorough production, 274 929 lines of code, 10109 commits on our open-source repositories, 2732 man days, a successful audit by our partner Kudelski Security, 1100 stars on Github, we are … .freezing our code.

Quote: “…the code is of very high quality with the well-defined interface and all errors are properly handled…”

At this point, there will be no extra add-ons on our source code up until the product launch. At this stage, a dozen of validators are testing the blockchain we built and we are collecting the latest bug reports.

Getting warm for the launch 🔥

After developing the technology, we are at this moment in history where what matters most is the realization of our vision in concrete terms with the product.

IOV has developed a Name Service which, we think, will allow the next generation of wallet and blockchains to use a blockchain domain name as simply and efficiently as there is a domain name for websites.

Our launch includes the possibility for any company wishing to embark on a blockchain project to purchase the domain names of their choice for future use.

Over the next 6 months, IOV will be focused on finding partners to accelerate blockchains * Starname sales.

We see in this objective a double interest. First, it proves that our technology works not only at the conceptual level but also at the level of usability of domain names in blockchain. Secondly, because it allows our token economy to kick off and grow.

To understand the impact of selling names on our token economy, please read this article below:

Adoption of *Starnames 🦄

In the next few months, you will hear a lot about the *Starname. We are planning to sell these names to individuals and many companies in blockchain space and beyond, who have already shown their interest in having a custom name for their value-addresses.

We believe that the IOV technology underlying the *Starname is one of the most interoperable, efficient and scalable for companies, wallets and exchanges who want to use and customize their names to ease an acceleration of the adoption of their own services.

The adoption of our *Starnames is crucial because not only it is promoting a technology, but it is also enabling an economy where all people will be able to create, send, receive and exchange values from anywhere in the world.

This vision is about to come true in a few weeks.

Stay tuned!

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Access all blockchains from one personalized address.

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IOV Blog

Access all blockchains from one personalized address.

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