Chef, Artist and Musician Team Up for ‘Three Dish Night’

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Artist Brent Holland, center.

So a chef, an artist and a musician walk into a bar . . . and you’re invited.

That’s the idea behind Three Dish Night, a feast for the senses set for June 25 at the new Bistro Nomad, with views of the iconic “Nomade” in the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. It’s part of Art Week Des Moines, and its creators — the French-born chef David Baruthio behind Baru 66, artist Brent Holland, and jazz pianist John Krantz — hope the night will be even greater than the sum of its parts.

Each element will riff on another in a swirl of creativity.

So did you hear that? That’s the sound of synergy, people. Did you smell that? That’s the fragrance of fusion.

Chef David Baruthio, left, and pianist John Krantz.

It’s too early to say what will be on the special Mediterranean prix-fixe menu, but everything that comes out of Baruthio’s kitchen will be inspired in part by Holland’s intricate line drawings.

“The most I can tell you is that it will be very architectural,” said Erica Abell-Holland, a marketing partner for Studio Holland Art and the artist’s wife. The artwork “has a lot of lines and plays with dimension and multiple points of view.”

She mentioned a recent open house in a South of Grand home, where Holland installed some of his artwork. Baruthio catered.

“He’s an artist with cuisine,” she said. “He served a deconstructed crab salad — sort of foamy, but totally spot-on.”

At the upcoming event, each guest will leave with one of Holland’s prints, a full belly and, ideally, some memories of a unique experience.

“I hope people feel fully satisfied,” Abell-Holland said.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Momentum, the local nonprofit Community Support Advocates’ award-winning local program for artists with disabilities.

Three Dish Night
WHEN: 5:30–9:00 p.m. June 25
WHERE: Bistro Nomad, 1430 Locust St.
MORE INFO: Right here.

Note: Erica Abell-Holland participated in the recent Arts Marketing Shark Tank, a professional-development event organized by the Iowa Arts Council and Art Week Des Moines. At the event, three artists pitched their Art Week plans to a panel of media and marketing experts who helped them refine their ideas. The other participants were Robert Moore, who pitched “Wooly’s heART Show,” and Amy Putney Koenig, who pitched an art exhibition called “A Viewing: Art on Death & Reconciliation.”

During Three Dish Night, the chef and artist will reveal a new permanent art installation that will replace panels at Bistro Nomad.

— Michael Morain, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs



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