Developing intercultural competences
Learning outcomes:
Assess own intercultural competence and identify ways how to become a more interculturally competent teacher
Develop some ideas on how to develop students’ intercultural competence
Develop an understanding of different models of intercultural societies
Reflect on which model applies to your country and how it impacts your work at school
Why talk about cultural diversity in schools
Models of Interculturality
Developing intercultural competences of our students
Models of Interculturality
Competences for intercultural teachers

Recognising cultural diversity for learning in everyday practice
Develop methods how you can work with students who do not speak the language of instruction very well
Identify ways how to build a sense of belonging and identity in your class and your school
Reflect on how you develop empathy and open-mindedness
Prepare a lesson plan that incorporates activities, ideas, etc. of what you have learned on this course
Reflect about what makes a good lesson that develops intercultural competence of students by reviewing the work of three other course participants

#EdChat #diversityMOOCs

Emotions run high! Twitter chats are among my fav strategies of connected learning, this has been amazing, with a smart and inclusive moderation, engaging indeed!

My Learning Design
The lesson plan very comprehensively addresses the development of student’s intercultural competences. The activities all target different aspects of intercultural competence in an effective way. The activity sounds very engaging and with a powerful result, ensuring students have not only learnt how to communicate effectively but also to understand better the opinions and emotions of their peers. Excellent work! 
Building a class community or reaching out to local community: The presentation of the results of the debating activity at the school assembly will develop the feeling of ownership of the students and support a sense of class identity and community. 
I appreciate very much all your work! Well done! 
Peer review by Fulvia Leardini

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