Minecraft Skyblock Comparison: ArcadianMC vs. Skyblocky

Originally when I was writing this post I thought it would be a good idea to release both ArcadianMC and Skyblocky’s feature lists and allow players to decide for themselves which one they preferred. I actually decided to publish that post but almost immediately after I had a weird feeling about it. I realized that is not what Ip-Banned is supposed to be about. This is a blog where I offer my insight and commentary as to which servers I prefer and why. I quickly deleted that post and made a determination as to what the new format would be for comparison posts. I(with some guidance from the spigot forums) decided that it would be a good idea to conduct this in a competition style. I will conduct comparative analysis on both servers and only one will receive the “Ip-Banned Recommendation” for best Skyblock server reviewed to date. This format will be much more issue-focused and tonally critical than our conventional review posts. Before you read it would be wise to make sure you have read both of our reviews for each server involved. ArcadianMC: https://medium.com/ip-banned/minecraft-server-review-arcadianmc-5113647b1ec7#.uvf5tzl8b, Skyblocky: https://medium.com/ip-banned/minecraft-server-review-skyblocky-54b636474eed#.ii9jo39oa Lets get started!


I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay on both servers but each one has some pretty big faults. This category ends up hotly contested between the two servers.

Early-Game(Getting Setup)

I honestly believe that Skyblocky runs away with the early game experience. It 4 different servers offer a variety of different spawn islands that each are the appropriate size to play with individually but also offer enough room to accommodate a sizable group. On Arcadian the island felt too small for one person and an entire group was almost infeasible during the beginning of my playthrough. Some might argue that this small island size adds to the challenge but if that is the case why is it that Arcadian is so generous with its starting kit. If I were in a development role at Arcadian I would recommend reducing the amount I gave players to work with in the early game if my goal truly was to make the game challenging for my players. The only portion of the early game I felt like Skyblocky might have screwed up(and this is very arguable) is having such OP voting crate rewards. On my first few days every time I clicked on that voting crate I felt like I was clicking a fast forward button(and I was not fast forwarding through the crappy part of the show, I was fast forwarding through fun and important exposition). Other than that I felt like Skyblocky nailed this portion of the gameplay while Arcadian’s early game felt like a grind.

Late Game:

At the end of the day in my view Arcadian edges out skyblocky in terms of late game engagement and activities. While in Skyblocky the only options for later game play are challenges, climbing to the IS Top and giving back to the community(things you can do on Arcadian) Arcadian offers Boss Battles, PVP, Auction House(Makes late game play a lot easier/more fun in my experience), and Events. Skyblocky has a great community and they really need to ramp up their Late Game play to fully capitalize on it.


Aesthetically I end up feeling that Skyblocky’s unique style(Spawn, GUI, and Island design) is better than Arcadian’s more traditional approach. While Arcadian ends up feeling alot like the old skyblock maps I used to play, Skyblocky’s themed islands(Appropriate to the server you select) look a lot nicer and overall made me want to come back and enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape alongside the wonderful empire I had built.


Both servers do very well in terms of lag management but the only server I really had any major problem on was skyblocky. While Peaks, Desert, and Frost all were performing very well I experienced crashes on Rust on occasions and had some lag spikes.

Feature Set:

Overall I think Arcadian has a much better feature set on paper but the two servers get much closer in terms of execution. Skyblocky creates a very fun and professional experience with the features it does have while Arcadian’s features can feel a little underdeveloped at times. Overall I have to say the Feature Set category goes to Arcadian though because regardless of how badly it executes(and it does a pretty good job) on the features Skyblocky doesn’t have it still atleast has them. My largest complaint/question for Arcadian is WHY THE HECK IS THERE NO GUI SHOP??? Who does that?


Anyone who has read both servers reviews know where this category is going. I had one of the best times I have ever had with any minecraft community on skyblocky(though in recent days the size scammer/jerk population has become much more clear to me). A thing I failed to mention/emphasize in my review is how amazing the staff is on Skyblocky. They are very helpful and generally nice to be around. I was truly blown away by skyblocky in this category. Other than that another piece of advice I would offer to the Arcadian staff team is that you should probably divide/section off your playerbase into different servers like they did on Skyblocky. 400 players on one server all at the same time can get pretty overwhelming in terms of trying to engage with other players. In the end no suprise here: I grant the Community category to Skyblocky.


Another predictable category if you read my review. I wont harp on this for too long. I think that Arcadian has a pretty terrible monetization system while Skyblocky’s compliments the server well. I dont end up assigning a ton of weight to this category for determining which server gets my recommendation for two reasons. A) Skyblocky is a pretty individual game and B) Arcadian has made it clear they are working on EULA compliant solutions to the donation problem.

Ip-Banned Recommendation: Skyblocky

Skyblocky is a force to be reckoned with: It has the largest skyblock playerbase for a reason. Based on the obvious result in the two other categories coming into this comparison the only chance Arcadian really had to edge out skyblocky was if they really killed it in the gameplay section which is something that they failed to do. This is not to say that Arcadian is bad or not worth a try it is simply saying one thing: I got the most skyblock enjoyment out of Skyblocky. BTW I really really really recommend you try out Arcadian KitPVP.