What are IP-Banned Minecraft Server Reviews?

Minecraft has become the wildly successful indie game sensation that it is because of its fantastic community. The thing that played the largest role in cultivating that great community was the creation of servers where players could meet up, fight, cooperate, thrive, and have fun together. These servers started out small, but in time, many grew to have exceptionally large player bases. The Minecraft server market is filled with limitless options but yet many players can't find the appropriate server for their personal tastes or just decent servers in general and rely on Minecraft server lists and YouTubers recommendations to try out a variety of servers without being informed of what exactly they are getting into. Minecraft lacks competent server review services.That is not to say that there are no server reviews but rather that the ones that exist fail to inform users or offer any productive critique. Many are YouTubers being paid by the server they review to give them publicity while others are limited all positive discussions about a server a person generally likes. IP-Banned wishes to fill the void by bringing professional and honest server reviews to the community. We will offer insight into both the positives and the negatives of the servers we review and at the end of each review we will offer a numeric score like you might see on IGN or GameSpot. I sincerely hope you enjoy!