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iPad Pro Accessories at $, $$, $$$

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Keyboard (Stand Alone, Portable)

Keyboard (Cases with iPad Non-Detachable)

Keyboard (Cases with iPad Detachable)

  • $: ProCase 11" [favorite case before the Magic Keyboard, great attachment via magnets, sturdy and fluid kickstand, protective, key area situated comfortably, but smaller keys, no function row]. | Yoozon 11" [kickstand design but keys are too far down on the keyboard, un-ergonomic] | Inateck 11" [very protective]
  • $$: Zagg Slimbook Go [on sale $50, not great, attachment system not durable]
  • $$$: Apple Magic Keyboard 11", 12.9" [best but no side protection and heavy, consider vinyl wrap, my review] | Smart Folio Keyboard 11", 12.9" [no trackpad, 2 angles, spill resistant, quiet keys] | Brydge Pro [no trackpad] and Pro+ [with trackpad] [hinge system prone to damage, can’t take iPad off as fast]


Screen Protector

  • $: iCarez Matte [personal favorite]
  • $$: amFilm Glass [great clarity, affordable] | JETech Glass [great clarity, affordable]
  • $$$: Paperlike [huge marketing push all over YouTube, very mixed reviews on Reddit ipad subs, don’t see what the fuss is about]

Stand (Desktop)

Stand (Drawing)

Stylus (Pencil)

  • $: [not recommended if you plan on taking notes or drawing]
  • $$: Apple Pencil [not compatible with iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 2018 and later] | Logitech Crayon [great value, compatible with all iPad Pro’s, shuts off automatically, but no pressure sensitivity or touch buttons]
  • $$$: Apple Pencil 2 [best if you write a lot or draw]


  • $: [none currently that takes full advantage of gestures]
  • $$: [none currently that takes full advantage of gestures]
  • $$$: Apple Magic Trackpad 2 [great for multi gestures, expensive]


  • $: ProCiv [cable long enough for bending around the iPad, volume control for audio aux output, no SD card, iPad holder is gimmicky] | ikling [so many functions, including VGA and SD card, audio output but no volume rocker] | Uni Hub [mini hub, SD card, long cable, no audio output] | Casolu USB C Adapter [good for on the go, small footprint]
  • $$: HyperDrive Hub Adapter [works well, but not a fan of the overall design] | HyperDrive 9-in-1 Hub [traditional design, audio out, no volume rocker] | Baseus Dock [functional design, incompatible if you use a case or the Magic Keyboard] | Apple USB C AV Multiport Adapter [good for on the go, small footprint]
  • $$$: [none currently that deserves your money]

USB C to USB Adapter


  • $: SopiGuard [affordable especially when choosing Avery rather than 3M, free shipping on Ebay, side protection included, offers wrap for Magic Keyboard as well]
  • $$: DecalGirl [so many designs, affordable 3M vinyl, offers wrap for Magic Keyboard as well]
  • $$$: DBrand [great quality and marketing, side protection requires $10 more, customizable, Magic Keyboard wrap in progress]



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