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IPDB Roadmap 2019

IPDB Foundation announces its Roadmap for 2019, including multi-stakeholder IPDB testnet, Tendermint upgrade to version v0.31.5 and proud release of BigchainDB (BDB) v2.0.0.

After the organizational transformation of IPDB Foundation e.V., as sole maintainer of BigchainDB software, we are now hands down onto the continuation for the technical development of the IPDB testnet. The BDB test net as a single node implementation is no longer available*.

The new IPDB testnet to be presented during T-Labs Hackathon in Sankt Petersburg June 18 & 19, 2019 for the first time will be hosted by an initial five IPDB members (BigchainDB GmbH, eWingz GmbH, Jolocom GmbH, Riddle & Code GmbH and T-Labs (Deutsche Telekom AG).

It’s also time to do another big step: IPDB is working hard towards v2.0.0 — yayyyy! Along with the Tendermint upgrade to version v0.31.5 with the much-appreciated support by our friends at Tymlez, we plan to release of BigchainDB v2.0.0 later this summer.

Besides that we have more good news: our new member T-Labs is improving and extending the Go (Golang) driver and Riddle & Code does the same for the C/C++ driver for embedded devices, as well as implementing collective signing.

Some of you have been worried about the future of BigchainDB, and we apologize for the radio silence. However, in the background, we have been working hard to give this fantastic project a new home with IPDB, and lead it as a community-driven foundation into a thrilling future.

Two more announcements:

(1) We are hiring: DevOps Egineer — Berlin — f/m

(2) Rebranding of IPDB well under way; get ready for the launch end of July 2019

Further outlook:

- DB abstraction utilization: adding new DBs (Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, …)

- Dashboard to search asset and metadata

- Public network

Follow us on Twitter to get the latest announcements. Ask any technical questions you may have on Gitter. If you’re a developer using IPDB, we want to hear from you. Send us an email at contact@ipdb.global and tell us your story.

* shortly after this publication the BDB test net was switched off and is no longer available.




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