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Assistive features of IPEVO Visualizer LTSE: Keyboard accessibility and voice-over support

Assistive features of IPEVO Visualizer LTSE: Keyboard accessibility and voice-over support

A traditional mouse is not an option for you to navigate an IPEVO software? Or you need a little help reading out the options inside the software? Check out Visualizer LTSE — the first IPEVO accessibility software for our document cameras.

Visualizer LTSE is our first software to include keyboard accessibility. With this feature, you can navigate controls and settings inside the software just by using a keyboard. First, use the Arrow or Tab key to navigate through the various options. Then, use the Enter key or Spacebar to make a selection. Or, you could also use the available hotkeys to trigger different functions. Within a few taps of the keys, you can easily access functions like focus, zoom, video filters, exposure, and more.

Visualizer LTSE is also our first software to feature voice-over support. Meaning, you can now use Windows’s built-in Narrator function to read out the options inside it. To activate it, you’ll need to go to “Ease of Access” under your Windows PC’s Settings and turn on “Narrator”. Then, open Visualizer LTSE. Now, Windows Narrator will read out any highlighted option in Visualizer LTSE. To learn more, check out the following video:

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