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How the IPEVO document camera improves remote learning and working

How the IPEVO document camera improves remote learning and working

Virtual communication technology like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and even FaceTime have made it possible for business professionals to communicate between different offices and even from home. This technology has also expanded learning opportunities by increasing access to real-time lessons with the creation of virtual classrooms.

A phone or a built-in webcam of a laptop is usually all that is used for video conferencing, but how can students view a whiteboard, physical materials, or demonstrations necessary for the learning process? And how do colleagues share their physical work or the details of their prototypes? The following real-life examples illustrate how the IPEVO document camera solves this problem and improves remote learning and working.

Online math tutoring
In conjunction with her laptop’s webcam, this math teacher enhances her online tutoring with the V4K document camera, which she uses to show files and online shape constructions to her students. V4K’s auto-focus and zoom functions make sharing of materials a breeze.

Real-time and virtual piano lessons
Connecting the VZ-R document camera to a monitor via its HDMI port, a piano teacher is able to show her live piano lessons to large groups of students and their parents, allowing both the parents and the students to engage in the lessons. The HDMI/USB dual mode VZ-R also connects to the teacher’s laptop via USB, which allows her to conduct online lessons with Skype. With a wireless headset and VZ-R’s zoom function, the piano teacher can easily adjust her setup to cater to any student’s viewing needs.

Interactive family learning
TeachPlayLearn, a boutique educational concierge for the whole family, have transformed their services by integrating IPEVO document cameras into their remote learning sessions. TeachPlayLearn has stated: “With our remote learning kit, sessions are transformed into interactive and engaging learning experiences as if your tutor was sitting right there with you! Our kit includes a premier HD document camera (no awkwardly holding papers up to the computer’s camera) that works seamlessly with our video conference platform.”

Higher education learning
Appalachian State University uses IPEVO’s V4K document camera in conjunction with Zoom for teaching a course titled “HE 6360 Organizational Analysis in Higher Education (3).” Multiple students are able to view the online course and the Professor is able to teach complex theories of systems thinking with real-time drawings displayed by the conveniently-placed document camera.

Higher education learning
A screenshot of the online course “HE 6360 Organizational Analysis in Higher Education (3)” taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwfBwuEtAd0&feature=youtu.be.

Academic meetings and courses
Patrick D. Meek, Pharm.D., MSPH, an Associate Professor of Pharmacy at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, uses the VZ-R document camera for his courses and meetings. Specifically, he uses the document camera nearly every day in courses and during Zoom meetings to interact with his students and to communicate with his peers.

With its ease of use, compatibility with different communication software, and the ability to incorporate the tools required for educational and professional exchanges, the IPEVO document camera enhances both distance learning and remote work.

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