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How to turn your smartphone into a document camera with the new IPEVO Uplift

How to turn your smartphone into a document camera with the new IPEVO Uplift

IPEVO’s iDocCam app has transformed access to education and remote working around the world. Even during these unprecedented times, the app has empowered teachers with the ability to instantly share live images so that lessons continue uninterrupted. And with its unique features for the visually impaired, the app has allowed for inclusive and accessible collaboration across both the educational and professional sectors.

And now, IPEVO has enhanced the iDocCam app with the release of its hardware counterpart: the new IPEVO Uplift Multi-angle Arm for Smartphones.

Introducing the new IPEVO Uplift Multi-angle Arm

IPEVO’s new Uplift is a sturdy, but flexible arm that transforms smartphones into a highly functional document camera, especially when paired with the IPEVO iDocCam app. Below are the steps to transforming any cellphone into a document camera:

With a head that rotates 360 degrees, users can switch easily between vertical and horizontal orientation. Users can also switch from showing their desk to showing themselves in an instant.

Real-Life Examples

Ross Morrison McGill is the founder of @TeacherToolkit and the “most followed teacher on social media in the UK.” He describes the IPEVO Uplift as both a cheaper alternative to a visualizer and “something worth having on your classroom desk.” Watch how Ross uses the new Uplift to enhance classroom learning:

Kathy Schrock, an educational technologist, often demonstrates how the new IPEVO Uplift and iDocCam App can be used for demonstrating a science experiment or basketball move, for creating a stop-motion animation or recorded video, and for showcasing a page in a book or textbook, among other things:

Showcasing a page in a book with IPEVO’s Uplift and iDocCam app. Photo Courtesy of Kathy Shrock

In Kathy’s words, “IPEVO’s Uplift and iDocCam make a perfect pair!”



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