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Introducing the all new accessibility software for our document cameras — Visualizer LTSE!

Introducing the all new accessibility software for our document cameras — Visualizer LTSE!

In recent years, IPEVO has been working on increasing the accessibility of our products and software. Some of our initiatives include adding physical tactile buttons to our document cameras and big UI icons to our software. Now, we have taken another step forward by developing a new software for our document cameras — Visualizer LTSE (Larger Text & Screen Elements) — designed to maximize accessibility for Windows PC users.

Visualizer LTSE works with both our wired and wireless document cameras, comes in a clean user interface with big icons, and has assistive features built-in. It is compatible with the native color filters and high contrast mode of Windows PC. It has voice over support, meaning it will work with the Narrator function of Windows PC and will read out any icon or option you select. It also features keyboard accessibility that allows users to navigate through the software controls to adjust the live images coming from a connected IPEVO document camera using the keyboard alone. Additionally, we have also included other features such as magnifier, line marker, highlight strip, and masking bar to further enhance the user experience. We hope these assistive features will help our low vision users to truly enjoy the full benefit of their IPEVO document cameras!

To learn more about Visualizer LTSE, watch the following video:




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