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IPEVO Document Cameras for Artists

IPEVO Document Cameras for Artists

When we were first speaking and recommending our document cameras to artists for streaming and/or documenting their creation process, we were met with many questions and doubts. Some of them include:

Document camera? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it.

Regardless, we put forth our best effort to answer them in as simple words as possible.

Document camera? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it.

Basically, a document camera works like a webcam, but it offers much more in terms of functionality and versatility. For example, all IPEVO document cameras feature swiveling camera head that not only allows you to point it at your face for video conferencing but also at your documents/materials for large screen projection.

So what can a document camera do? How can it help with my work?

It’s going to change your life, and we’re not kidding! Our document cameras, when used with our Visualizer software, allow you to do a whole lot of things such as live streaming, take snapshots, record normal/slow motion/time-lapse/stop motion videos, and even scan documents.


My smartphone serves me well. I can just use it as a document camera.

While you can use your smartphone as a document camera, there are obvious benefits of using IPEVO document cameras. First, they free up your hands allowing you to fully concentrate on your work. Also, with their swiveling camera heads and multi-jointed stands, you can capture from different height, angle, or orientation, giving you multiple views.

I am not tech-savvy. That thing is too complicated for me to use.

Our document cameras are designed to be plug and play, meaning you don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to use them.


My desk has been filled with all sorts of tools, I don’t think there is enough space for a document camera.

No worries. IPEVO document cameras can fit in any tight space as they have small footprint. In fact, here’s a cool video we’ve made to highlight this:

Well… Thanks for the explanation, but I don’t have the budget to get one.

As compared to other brands on the market, our document cameras are priced affordably, meaning you don’t need to pay a hefty price tag for them. And we offer a range of document cameras — from the entry USB model V4K to the HDMI/USB dual mode VZ-R, and to the wireless option VZ-X — you’re sure to find one that best fits your needs and budget!

While we can go on and on in answering those questions, it is always better to show than to tell. Hence, when we get to know that a Taiwanese nail artist has been using our VZ-R document camera for her work (courtesy of our colleagues from the Taiwan office), we are thrilled to learn more!

As a nail artist Mamie needs to work with different types of tools, ranging from LED nail lamp and nail studs to art brushes and dotting tool sets. And not forgetting to mention, bottles and bottles of nail polishes. So more often than not, this leaves her desk with little or no space for anything else. Yet this doesn’t deter her from using VZ-R as with its vertical design and small footprint, VZ-R doesn’t take up much space when she is using it! And when she’s done, she can just fold it up and tuck it away.

A small space is what VZ-R needs.
A small space is what VZ-R needs.

To use VZ-R, Mamie connects it to her laptop via USB, turn it on, launch the free Visualizer software, point it at her customers’ nails, and voila, the live images instantly appear on her computer screen! Then, Mamie uses it to stream the nail painting process live to her customers, explaining her designs as they go along. And when she needs to zoom in, rotate or make some image adjustments, she’ll use the tactile control buttons placed on VZ-R’s body to do so. According to Mamie the use of VZ-R has thus far been well-received as being able to visualize the nail painting process in an entirely new way makes her customers feel way more engaged than before.

Mamie explaining her design to her customer.
Mamie explaining her design to her customer.

Besides showing the process live to her customers, Mamie also uses VZ-R to stream her creation process online, record demonstration videos, and give live workshops. VZ-R’s multi-jointed design and swiveling camera head enable Mamie to stream or record from different height, angle and orientation. This gives her the flexibility to put the focus right where she wants while maintaining high image clarity. Her viewers can, in turn, clearly see and learn the techniques involved.

In addition, the HDMI mode of VZ-R proves to be extremely handy to Mamie as it allows her to connect directly to a projector or flat screen TV that is available at her respective workshop venues. Meaning, she gets to leave her bulky laptop at home!

Skip the need for a computer and connect directly to a projector or TV using VZ-R’s HDMI mode.
Skip the need for a computer and connect directly to a projector or TV using VZ-R’s HDMI mode.

As seen in Mamie’s example, we believe the versatility, functionality and portability of IPEVO document cameras not only make them a prized asset for nail artists but also artists of all fields! Are you an artist too? Do grab one of our document cameras and give it a try!




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