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New Release! IPEVO’s most portable document camera — DO-CAM!

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The evolution of document cameras has always been driven by the push for a thinner and lighter design. As consumers demand products to be smaller and more powerful, IPEVO has responded firmly to the trend with the release of the DO-CAM on July 31st.

At just three-quarters of a pound with the footprint of a small handheld pencil case, DO-CAM can be easily stashed away and carried around. However, don’t let its sleek and simple design distract you from its powerful capabilities. Equipped with an 8MP Sony CMOS sensor, images produced by DO-CAM come out crisp and clear with stunning image reproduction. Thanks to its 4 adjustable joints, DO-CAM is incredibly flexible and capable of multiple different angles. One of DO-CAM’s most interesting features lies within its only button, the flip button. Due to its flexible nature, DO-CAM can seamlessly switch between a webcam and a document camera. Users can simply press the flip button to ensure that the image being projected is always the right side up.

All these features come at an affordable price tag of $129 USD, making it an essential item to have, regardless of profession.

For a highlight of DO-CAM’s features, do check out the following video:

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