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Setting up screen sharing with IPEVO document cameras in Google Hangouts

Setting up screen sharing with IPEVO document cameras in Google Hangouts

Previously in the Step-by-step guide to setting up IPEVO document cameras with Google Hangouts, we’ve detailed the steps for setting up your IPEVO document camera with Google Hangouts for online meetings. Today, we’re going to show you the process of setting up screen sharing with an IPEVO document camera and IPEVO Visualizer in Google Hangouts. This setup comes in handy when you need to share any physical materials or documents while in an online meeting.

List of materials needed

Before you start, make sure you have the following on hand:

  • An IPEVO document camera
  • A computer with Google Chrome browser installed
  • A Google account
  • Google Hangouts
  • IPEVO Visualizer software

Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps to setting up your IPEVO document camera for screen sharing in Google Hangouts.

1. Plug in an IPEVO document camera to your computer via USB. Remember to turn it on if you’re using a VZ-R or VZ-X.

2. Download IPEVO Visualizer software onto your computer. You can download it here. Then, launch it on your computer. Next, select your document camera as the camera source in it.

3. Place your material under the document camera and check its live image in Visualizer. Adjust the multi-jointed stand and camera head of the document camera to get a view that best suits your needs.

4. When you’re ready, launch Google Hangouts to start a meeting. To open Google Hangouts, type hangouts.google.com into the address bar of your Chrome browser. Alternatively, you can go to Google apps located at the top right of the Chrome browser page and select the Hangouts app in the list of apps that appear.

Note: Do not use your document camera as the camera source for your meeting in this step. Instead, use the computer’s built-in webcam.

5. Click the More icon located at the top right of the meeting window and select Share screen.

6. You’ll be given various options for sharing in the pop-up window that appears. Select Visualizer under the Application Window tab and click the blue Share icon located at the bottom.

And there you go. Now you can easily share your materials while in an online meeting!




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