Three Approaches to Teaching Online with IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera

Three Approaches to Teaching Online with IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera

Mar 27, 2020 · 3 min read

Who says teaching and learning can only happen in a physical classroom? Free your imagination and teach beyond time and space limitations with remote teaching using an IPEVO VZ-R document camera. Here are three ideas to do so.

Streaming Live with IPEVO Visualizer
If you want to deliver live lessons and share materials in real-time, utilize the Live Broadcast feature available in the IPEVO Visualizer software. Start by connecting the VZ-R to your laptop and completing all the necessary live broadcasting settings on YouTube or any other live streaming service. Then, select and click the Live Broadcast button in Visualizer to start a live broadcast. Now, enjoy your online teaching!

Conducting One-on-one Lessons with Third-party Software
In addition to a live streaming platform, you may also choose to conduct one-on-one lessons with your students via third-party software such as Skype. Before you start, make sure you selected VZ-R as the video and audio source. And with a video call, you’ll be able to create an interactive and instant learning environment for your students!

Recording Instructional Videos with IPEVO Annotator
Some of you may prefer to offer a preorganized lesson through a recorded video. In this case, we’d recommend using the IPEVO Annotator software with VZ-R to record your lessons and upload the videos for sharing at a later time. The screen recording function in Annotator allows you to record a full screen or a selected area. What’s better? There are handy annotation tools available in the software that can help create an informative and engaging video for students to learn better.

For more information, check out the following video:

Ready to bring your classroom online? Grab a VZ-R document camera and give it a try!

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