Top 5 interesting use cases of IPEVO document cameras in 2019

Top 5 interesting use cases of IPEVO document cameras in 2019

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4 min readJan 17, 2020


2019 has overall been an exciting and eventful year for IPEVO. We saw the sales of our document cameras beyond the education market into new territories such as assistive technology and courtroom technology. Additionally, we received a lot of interesting use cases of our document cameras from our customers that never fail to fascinate us. As much as we’d love to share all of them, it is not quite feasible. Hence, we decided to list down the top 5 use cases by asking our colleagues to vote for the ones with the most “wow” factor. The voting was intense, as it was a difficult choice to make for most of us. So, finally, after rounds of voting, we present to you our top 5 picks for 2019.

1. IPEVO playing a role in the opera Tosca
Who could have guessed that our VZ-R document camera would land a role in an opera, literally? So this came as a pleasant surprise when Stefan Dinter, an illustrator, shared with us that while working as a background artist for Tosca, he used the VZ-R for showing his creation process live to the audience.

2. IPEVO in animation films
Making animation films with an IPEVO document camera, anyone? That was what participants of the Drawn Cinema Workshop, organized by the National Higher School of Architecture Paris-Belleville, experimented with. For the workshop, the participants were tasked to create animation films by using hand-drawn images. In order to let the participants visually see the making of their films, the organizer set up a VZ-R for them to first project their drawings onto a big screen in real-time to check for errors before making any changes.

3. IPEVO in a Prevention & Treatment of Fish Diseases Workshop
Smell anything fishy? You and I might not, but the attendees at the 2019 Aquarama workshop sure do. In this workshop, Dr. Gerald Bassleer, a renowned Fish Pathologist, used the VZ-R for close-up observations of the treatment process for fish. The VZ-R was connected to a computer that was hooked up to a projector for a large-screen projection. Dr. Gerald then dissected a fish, which was streamed live to the attendees via VZ-R. This allowed the attendees to watch the process in detail from their seats.

IPEVO in a Prevention & Treatment of Fish Diseases Workshop

4. IPEVO in aircraft appraisals
How does IPEVO document camera help in aircraft appraisals? Answer: Digitizing aircraft logbooks! By using VZ-R to scan the logbooks and saving them for reviewing at a later time on a computer, it saved Mike Simmons, an aircraft appraiser and president of Plane Data, Inc., hours! Now, not only does he not have to spend days in the field reading logbooks, but he could also upload and send the digitized logbooks to appraisers who are not located in the vicinity for reviewing.

IPEVO in aircraft appraisals

5. IPEVO in sewing and embroidery
Sew and embroider with IPEVO! With a flexible multi-jointed stand, you can place an IPEVO V4K document camera on top of a sewing machine and adjust it to face downwards at your fabric. Next, in a simple step, connect V4K to a computer. Then hook up the computer to a projector, and there you have it — a large-screen live demonstration of the sewing process! Now, everyone can learn together. Just as Emily Ramsey puts it, “Sewing classes in the future are pretty rad.”

We really appreciate all our users (old and new) for their love and support that enable us to end 2019 on a high note. And we are confident that with your continued support, we’ll be able to soar higher in 2020!

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