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Using IPEVO document cameras as art buddies!

Using IPEVO document cameras as art buddies!

Besides being used by educators as teaching buddies, recently we have seen an increasing trend where IPEVO doc cams are being used by artists as their art buddies, primarily for live streaming or documenting their creation process. And we’ve received numerous positive reviews from them so far. So let’s take a look at how well IPEVO doc cams perform as art buddies.

We know that art is a visual medium, hence, the ability to clearly capture fine details is what artists look for when they are doing live workshops/demonstrations that require them to show and project the creation process onto a large screen. Or simply, to share their art pieces on social media. This is where IPEVO’s family of 8 megapixel doc cams shines. Just as Bajo, a doll-making artist from Barcelona who uses our V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera to document her creation process points out, she is getting excellent image quality:

“I was very surprised by the quality of the image and the lens (many times this type of device weakens on the lens, but this is not the case) and has very good ‘macro’ image quality. This last point for me is very important because when making dolls so small sometimes I have not been able to photograph them closely.”

Bajo’s *full review is available at:

Or you can check out her Instagram post:

*Bajo’s review was written in Spanish. It was translated into English using Google Translate.

In addition, when you’re giving a large screen demonstration to a group of audience, you won’t want to waste time on fiddling with your doc cam and figuring out how to use it while onstage. This is where IPEVO doc cams’ plug and play, simple to use design come in really helpful. As Sanjana, an artist from New Zealand who uses our VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Document Camera to live stream her demonstrations shares:

“I was skeptical at first when @ipevo_taiwan got in touch with me and sent me this webcam, but this document web camera has proven to be a great asset to my streaming setup — easy to use and the picture quality is great!”

Do check out her Instagram post:

More importantly, you would want a doc cam that is small in size (so it won’t get in your way when you’re demonstrating) yet flexible enough for you to capture and display your art pieces from different heights, angles and orientations. IPEVO doc cams triumph in these areas with their small footprint, multi-jointed stand and swiveling camera head. Use them with the free IPEVO Visualizer software and you can access additional features such as snapshot, video/time-lapse/slow motion/stop motion recording or resolution/color/exposure adjustments. And if you’re using VZ-R, you can even adjust image settings on the fly via the control buttons placed on it. These are exactly the reasons why Cindy, an artist and illustrator from Australia finds VZ-R versatile and handy:

“A lot of my illustration colleagues use this camera for live workshops and demonstrations where they need to project what they’re drawing onto a large screen, wall etc. However it can also be used to record video and still photographs directly to your computer using USB & HDMI cables. I’ve used both Mac & Windows in this demo video, and have shown some of its features, changing resolution, zoom, WB etc. There are so many features, I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet, but the ratios, filters, refresh rates etc can all be altered. Such a versatile, adaptable camera, with so much more to explore!”

Do feel free to check out her Instagram post and video reviews:

Have your own IPEVO doc cam art buddy story to share? Let us know!




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