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Using IPEVO’s iDocCam for remote learning

Using IPEVO’s iDocCam for remote learning

Remote learning has become an essential educational format in today’s world. A leader in educational technology, IPEVO has been committed to helping people teach, learn, inspire, and collaborate with the use of affordable software, hardware, and communication tools. And despite the challenges presented during these unprecedented times, IPEVO has continued its mission of increasing access to education, this time releasing an app that allows users to instantly transform their personal smartphones into a document camera for teaching and learning purposes.

IPEVO’s iDocCam App for smartphones

The iDocCam app is a remote learning tool that can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android mobile phones. Once downloaded, your smartphone is instantly transformed into a wireless document camera that connects to a Mac, PC, Chromebook, and other iOS/Android devices via IPEVO’s free Visualizer software. You can also connect your smartphone to an external display via AirPlay (iPhones)/Miracast/Chromecast (Android phones) or HDMI/VGA.

With a release as recent as April 1, 2020, the iDocCam app has already made a global impact in education, as illustrated by real examples from leading educators below.

Leslie Fisher

Leslie Fisher, a K-12 EdTech Conference Presenter, recently taught educators how to use the iDocCam app through a prerecorded YouTube video created with the free Visualizer software and the app itself. She taught her audience how to use the Visualizer’s split-screen function, as well as IPEVO’s free Annotator software (with disappearing ink!) to supplement the iDocCam app’s teaching capabilities. She also showed educators how the app integrated seamlessly with third-party video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and Webex.

Link: https://twitter.com/lesliefisher/status/1250812479053205511

Tim Dolan

Tim Dolan, a Director of Secondary Maths in the UK wrote, “Teaching remote lessons where you need to be able to model examples means you need to show [the students] what you are writing.” Using only what he has “lying around,” Mr. Dolan has used his cell phone to seamlessly teach math lessons as live events in Microsoft Teams. The iDocCam app allows him to adjust the focus, resolution, and exposure of his phone’s display so that his students can clearly see his lessons.

Link: https://twitter.com/timdolan/status/1255518457724092416

I Teach Boys

A science teacher in London who seeks to empower young boys began using the iDocCam app for live lessons that complemented physical learning materials. The teacher, known as “I Teach Boys,” quickly noticed the impact on his students: having a live teacher to explain the lesson gave students access to instant answers, allowed for more “Aha!” moments, and provided a sense of comfort and community for the students during these isolating times. Additionally, the teacher did not have to spend money on an external document camera; his cell phone and the IPEVO software were all he needed to teach and connect with his students.

Link: https://twitter.com/ITeachBoys92/status/1256848673364983808

Lisa Kraiza

Lisa Kraiza, an ELA teacher in the State of Michigan, was able to continue teaching her visual and writing lessons with middle school students, using her phone to share creativity and artistic expression up close.

Link: https://twitter.com/LisaKraiza19/status/1253122401749123074

Elizabeth McMullen

Without a document camera, Elizabeth McMullen was able to continue teaching English as a Second Language (“ESL”) to her elementary students in Maryland. Using her phone in conjunction with the iDocCam app, she displayed different colored English letter blocks to create an interactive and visual experience for ESL students.

Link: https://twitter.com/emcmulle4/status/1253721665005109251

With plans as low as $0.99/month, $9.99/year, or $19.99 for a one-time purchase, the iDocCam app has already empowered both teachers and students all over the world. The iDocCam allows for a deeper, remote learning experience during these unprecedented times, all from the convenience of a teacher’s mobile device.




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