IpfsCloud: A Decentralised Cloud Storage Platform


As the world is moving towards decentralization revolution, a lot of apps(or dapps) are developed every day. A true dapp needs a truely decentralized infrastructure which includes a decentralized content distribution network. A lot of projects are working to create sustainable decentralized content distribution network as we have seen in the below post.

One of them is IPFS. I have been working with it for quite a while and recently I decided to create a simple dapp using it.

Let me introduce you to the IpfsCloud. In short, it’s google drive on IPFS.

How to use

1. Sign up

  • Sign-up anonymously or using Social Auth(google accounts). In case of anonymous users, your account details are kept in form of cookies; So please don’t delete cookies for this site, or you may loose your data.
  • If you want to use Metamask for your account management, then head to eth.ipfscloud.store and enjoy a higher level of anonymity.

2. Start uploading files

  • You can upload files of any format from your local system.
Documents uploaded to IpfsCloud


  • Uses metamask for account creation, so it allows comparatively better anonymity that traditional cloud platforms.
  • Uploading files from local storage.
  • Unlimited storage(for now).
  • Free storage.
  • Sharing files via email and publicKey.
Sharing documents via IpfsCloud
document shared via IpfsCloud

Up Coming Features

  • Support for adding folders.
  • Support for uploading files from a URL.
  • Progress bar for uploads.
  • Sync with your mobile device.
  • Better UI.
  • Any feature that you may suggest in the comments.

Contribute to the project

Here is the link to the github repo: https://github.com/vasa-develop/ipfscloud

Honestly saying I am not able to decide what things should I add to this project. So please check it out and add your suggestions in the comments…

Thanks for reading;)

About the Author

Vaibhav Saini is a Co-Founder of TowardsBlockchain, an MIT Cambridge Innovation Center incubated startup.

He works as Senior blockchain developer and has worked on several blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Quorum, EOS, Nano, Hashgraph, IOTA etc.

He is currently a sophomore at IIT Delhi.

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