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Alexa, Where Are We Going With This?

Evaluating the voice assistants & conversational interfaces space in Mid-2018

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash
Source: Canalys via VentureBeat

Alexa, are you everywhere yet?

Alexa is undoubtedly winning the cultural war.

Hey Google, what’s with your Duplex Complex?

Google has a tendency to do things not necessarily because it follows a well-formulated strategy, but rather because it can.

Siri, what’s next for you?

Apple may very well end up being a late-blooming dark horse in this race of voice computing.

Facebook & Other Players

There is some severe opportunity cost for Facebook to sit out on the voice race.

Hey guys, can’t we all just be friends?

Two Sides Of The Same Conversational Coin

It would be premature to disregard chatbots as merely a bygone fad.

Looking Ahead

Voice computing is likely past the peak of inflated expectations in the hype cycle.



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