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CES 2019 Trend Report

Top five trends that all brands need to know

A Smart Assistant War At Home

The headline-grabbing rivalry at CES 2019 is still Google Assistant vs. Alexa. Determined to catch up with Alexa both in market share and public perception, Google tripled its show space and announced a myriad of new features and compatible devices. They even built a whole Assistant-themed roller coaster ride. The launch of Google Assistant Connect is particularly significant, as it allows third-party manufacturers to add Google Assistant to their devices. And the decision to add Assistant to Google Maps could prove fruitful in recruiting iOS users.

Automation Expands Beyond Mobility

Automation powered by artificial intelligence is underpinning some of the biggest innovation on display at CES 2019. From auto brands and auto tech exhibitors that took up a show floor the size of three American football fields, to the robots and drones that are popping up all over the convention halls, it is clear that the dawn of automation is here, and it will have far-reaching market implications for the mobility and service sectors.

5G Gets A Reality Check

With its imminent arrival, 5G was understandably a big topic at this year’s CES. Different from previous years when the 5G chatter leaned towards its vast potential to unlock new innovations, this year, the conversations around 5G were much more realistic and practical, with many panelists acknowledging the tough reality ahead for the gradual rollout of 5G.

The Consumerization of Digital Health

Continuing last year’s trend of wearables dipping into the healthcare market, this year we saw an explosion of health-oriented devices and services on the show floor. Various biometric sensors are being deployed for both general-purpose health monitoring and niche use cases such as tracking specific diseases. Accessibility tech and digital tools for managing elder care continue to show up in spades, further expanding the targeted markets of digital healthcare.

Data Privacy Concerns Bubble Under The Surface

Everywhere one goes at CES, the word “data” will inevitably turn up in conversation, for data is the fuel that many technology companies depend on to improve their products and optimize their services, if not outright using it as a revenue stream. Given that, it is perhaps no surprise that few companies on the show floor addressed the concerns over data collection and privacy that has been dominating the news cycle for the past few months.



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