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Lab Podcast — Episode 131

CES 2022 Trend Recap

The Lab team assembles once again at the beginning of the year to take on CES, the biggest consumer tech event of the year. With Ryan Miller, manager of partnerships, as our MC, the Lab team recapped the most interesting trends and discoveries from this year’s show floors, including:

  • Ben Hone talks about the key cross-category trends from CES — starts at 0:25
  • Chelsea Freitas explains how CES vendors are responding to the at-home economy — starts at 14:56
  • Adam Simon walks us through the new creator tools and how they impact the future of work — starts at 21:44
  • Richard Yao talks about the CES discoveries relevant to entertainment brands — starts at 36:04
  • Josh Mallalieu analyzes the future of mobility through what the auto brands brought to CES — starts at 41:33
  • Richard jumps on again to explain some of the major smart cities trends — starts at 50:40
  • Katy Geisreiter sheds some light on the new trends coming out of the digital health space this year — starts at 57:51
  • Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer at UM and CES veteran, wraps things up with some of his insights and takeaways — starts at 1:08:29

We hope you enjoy this episode. If you like what you hear, please spare a minute and give us a five-star review on Apple Podcast!

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Richard Yao

Richard Yao

Manager of Strategy & Content, IPG Media Lab

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