Pandora + Magna Global + IPG Media Lab Present: Ad Receptivity, Deconstructed

Study Unearths Major Differences In Ad Receptivity For Digital Audio Listeners And Video Viewers

IPG Media Lab
Jun 4, 2019 · 3 min read
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Ad receptivity is dependent on a person’s emotional state. Good moods (excited, relaxed, focused, happy) means more willing to see advertising for audio, whereas an excited mood translates to better ad receptivity for video viewers. When people are tired, they’re least receptive to ads on both audio and video.


Gen Z’s are an elusive audience that are least receptive to video and audio advertising. Looking across generations, Millennials are receptive to both audio and video ads, although video reported a four percent higher receptivity to video, whereas GenX are 32 percent more receptive to digital audio than digital video advertising.


Digital Video viewers are highly receptive to ads when spending time with family and dramatically less so when pursuing interests and hobbies. Audio listeners, however, stayed relatively situation-agnostic with receptivity levels remaining fairly even across different scenarios.

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Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X parents are dramatically more open to ads than their childless counterparts by dramatic margins. For instance, Millennial parents are 27 percent more receptive to video ads and 15 percent more receptive to audio ads than those without children.


Audio is audio when it comes to ad receptivity with content format (music, podcast, audiobook) does not matter, unlike Video where content length impacts ad receptivity. Video viewers were most receptive to mid-length content like TV shows.

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