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Roblox Opens for Ad Business — Will Other Metaverse Platforms Follow?

Here’s what marketers need to know about the metaverse-aspiring game and its new ad platform

Image credit: Roblox via The Verge

Roblox currently has 260 million monthly active users, who spend a total of 4.7 billion hours on Roblox every month.

What Brands Need to Know about Roblox

Roblox is not a single game, but rather an open-world platform that enables users to create their own games.

With this new comprehensive platform, Roblox has opened its in-game ad floodgate, allowing brands to advertise across different Roblox experiences

The Race to Metaverse Ads is On

MMO games have a unique opportunity to introduce ads onto their platform in a relatively non-intrusive manner.

In the metaverse, creators are the new media channels, and brands will have to work with those creators to build and attract visitors to branded / sponsored experiences.



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