MAGNA + IPG Media Lab + Tremor Video DSP present a joint media trial report on interactive video ads

IPG Media Lab
Oct 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Download the full report here

MAGNA, the intelligence, investment and innovation unit within IPG Mediabrands, and IPG Media Lab, its creative technology arm, partnered with Tremor Video DSP are proud to present the results of our latest scientific media trial that explored and measured the impact of interactive video ads across three screens, including tablet, PC, and mobile devices.

The report, entitled The Interactive Effect: A Key to Surviving in the Attention Economy of a Mobile-First World, unveiled both qualitative and quantitative insights for marketers to leverage interactive video ad formats, including activations to enhance consumer engagement and drive brand KPIs. In conducting the media trial, a total of 2,157 users were recruited from a representative online panel.

“Mobile is intimate; video is engaging,” said Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM. “As the digital world becomes less a proxy for our ‘real’ world, and becomes the ‘real world’ itself, interactivity can build organic connections between viewers and branded messages, especially in a mobile-first world. It is becoming clearer that interactivity is the future of mobile video.”

“In a mobile-first world, It is becoming clearer that interactivity is the future of mobile video.”

— Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM

Key highlights from this media trial report include:

  • Interactive ads = more time spent with consumers. Total time spent increased by 47% with interactive video ads compared to standard video ads.
  • Interactive video ads drive 9x higher impact on purchase intent.
  • In fact, a 15 second interactive ad turns into 45 seconds worth of time with consumers when someone interacts.
  • Whether consumers interact or not, interactive ads are more cost efficient, with investment going 52% further when the impact on persuasion of interactive ads is accounted for, versus ads without interactive features.
  • Compared to a product-focused interaction, adding entertainment-focused interactions (e.g. game) further extends time consumers spend by 15% and improve brand’s KPIs among those who interact.
  • When relevant, human focused interactions are recommended (e.g. interactions involving celebrity or key character in the ad as opposed to a product).

IPG Media Lab

The media futures agency of IPG Mediabrands

IPG Media Lab

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IPG Media Lab

The media futures agency of IPG Mediabrands

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