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Want Loyal Customers? Consider Assembling a Super Bundle

Three key ways that brands are deploying super bundles to enhance customer loyalty

1. Mitigating Subscription Fatigue

It is no secret that after years of rapid growths of subscription-based services, fatigue is starting to set in among many consumers. Even though subscribers are watching more content than before, 35% of them are likely to unsubscribe from a service in the next 12 months, per Simon-Kucher’s 2022 Global Streaming Study. Moreover, with FAST (free, ad-supported streaming) services on the rise, many viewers are turning to free services instead of signing up for new paid services.

2. Bundling as Ecosystem Lock-In

Super bundle is also a killer tactic to facilitate ecosystem lock-in, arguably one of the strongest ways to ensure lifecycle loyalty in the digital realm, given that they typically provide all-inclusive access to a company’s full stack of services for a neat monthly fee.

3. Vertical Integration of Services

Lastly, super bundles can also be a powerful way to facilitate vertical integration and reinforce loyalty by offering customers more services. The aforementioned Uber One and Lyft Pink bundling non-ride service perks into their subscriptions can be seen as a way to encourage users to check out their non-core services as well.



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