What Microsoft’s Decision to Shut Down Mixer Means for the Gaming Industry

And what it means for brands looking to enter the gaming space

Ryan Miller
Jun 25 · 8 min read
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R.I.P. Mixer (2016–2020)

Stagnant Growth Led to Mixer’s Demise

What proved to be the death knell for the platform was its inability to build a unique community identity that attracted users away from other platforms.

The Fallout: The Fight for Talent Continues

Mixer shutting down brings the streaming exclusivity conversation back to the forefront.

While the superior monetization prospects make Twitch an attractive option for Mixer creators, there are a multitude of other factors that will play a role in the decision .

The Cloud Gaming Platform War, Rejuvenated & Uncertain

Google’s ambitions for the cloud-based gaming Stadia are akin to that of plans for Project xCloud.

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