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What TikTok Tells Us about the Future of Music Business

And what the trajectory of the music business says about the future of media and digital creativity

Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

Algorithmic Consumption Commodifies Music

As our playlists become more individually customized than ever, our music taste somehow evolves to feel less personal.

The commodification of music is a direct result of democratized access to recorded music, which, in turn, shifted the point of monetization to accessing live music.

Democratized Co-Creation of Music

One aspect of TikTok’s influence on music is the involvement of user participation at scale, which injects a sense of personal agency back into music consumption.

TikTok has turned music into signals of social cachet through its co-creative nature.

Herald of the Digital Creative Revolution

As the attention economy peaks, music not only has to compete with other forms of media for attention, it is also converging with other creative formats.

In a future of participatory content creation, the value of a media product will be judged by the amount of user content it inspires.



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