Just a Moment

Not just another iphone camera app.

While browsing through the app store recently, looking for camera apps, as I am sure we all do from time to time, I came across an app called Moment.

On the face of it, it looks like a very plain and simple camera. But looks can be deceiving, and once you dig beneath the surface you find a complete iPhone photography system.

Moment App focus adjustment

The camera app is the key to the system, which consists of a camera case and three lenses: a wideangle, a telephoto and a macro lens. It is worth pointing out here that the lenses will fit all iPhones from 4/4s onwards, including the 6 Plus. They will also fit iPad Air, Air2 and Mini. If you’re so inclined they will also fit certain other brand phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy range.

Moment App exposure adjustment

The case is rather special in that it includes a shutter release button on the side, which operates via Bluetooth to take photos, and has a two stage release action, as on a DSLR or ILCC. While this may not sound like much, especially in view of the price (starting at $69.99 plus delivery), it takes mobile photography to a different level.

The lenses can be fitted either via the case or directly to the camera, using a rapid bayonet type action. If not using the case, a metal mounting plate needs to be fixed to the camera.

Back to the app. The interface, whilst appearing at first glance to be very basic, conceals some fairly advanced features. For example, both focus and exposure can be altered by simply tapping the screen and sliding you finger up or down to focus, or side to side to adjust exposure. The focus and exposure points can also be seperated so you can focus on one point and set the exposure on another. Simple and elegant.

One of the most useful features, to my mind anyway, is the ability to save photos in TIFF format. Although this takes up much more storage space on your phone, it means you always have the highest quality picture to start with if you need to edit it afterwards.

If you are interested in mobile photography, I strongly recommend trying the Moment App, it’s free and it may change the way you use your iPhone forever.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Moment, other than as a very satisfied customer.