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Let’s rethink, if we are motivating or depressing the other person.

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

Save some for yourself
The taste of your own medicine
The words of encouragement from blind ignorance
Doesn’t really make a difference
Not in me or in the society
Words that just show wrong and right
Whereas we all know that’s not the true fight
There’s more to the Yin-Yang cycle
It’s clear in Veda, Tripitaka, Quran and Bible
Don’t ramble an idealistic poem
I have seen it confuse some about their own voice
I have seen tears and embarrassment
As they play records of motivation,
Depression is grabbing and dumping dangerous words
They believe something is clearly wrong in them

But I agree-
Maybe being motivational and preaching
Gives you the tickles of achievement you need
So let me put some words you should heed
My mental state doesn’t starve for your pity
So that you can be understanding
When you want to come across as kind and pretty
My struggles have their own rights in me
Not a puzzle to solve or a story over some jokes and tea.

If you like my writings and poems,
Or maybe think it has some weight,
Support my dreams by
buying me a book to read
A simple click on the link and it would be great.



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