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When Myths Come True

The fear that cripples the aware

Photo by Alessio Zaccaria on Unsplash

The hiss floats in like a tragedy on strings
I turn around to see what exists
The traveler mind is curious to comprehend
Restricted knowledge are gained with pretend
I step out of the car and my legs touch the ground
I hear the heavy foot step’s pounding sound
Like bangs on the earth floor
Somewhere, it seems, there is a loose lock and door

An empty farm house in a barren field
I wasn’t prepared for what’s about to be revealed
I walk a few steps to be lead hurriedly
An oddly red outhouse, shielded steadily
I saw crosses and chants
Holy relics and Bands
Each word of the bible engraved on the walls
But there are cries echoing through the halls
Its call is the deepest note a violin could play
The message is something the Lucifer would relay

I was being carried near
Like an invitation anyone would fear
A voice in me warned, like a loud siren
Beware of the steps
Beware of the blessed chains and iron
I snapped out of the haze
Quickly turned around to the road I lost in the maze
An eerie howl woke in the air
Something was rushing towards me in the field so bare.

The earth holds mysteries of years beyond count
The rituals and balance of the creation is not of mortal amount
Even if you don’t believe, there might be ancient guardians on guard
Years of civilization won’t still be able to disregard
The Gaia that gave life, can easily take it apart.

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