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We all need a bit of cleansing to forget

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

I lighted a candle
Its scent of lavender and lime
I take a deep breath
Pitch black room and silence beneath
It’s about time-
I go back to the words
That hurt my existence like a
5 feet 3-inch long comb made of steel and wire
It rips through my skin and flesh
My Pain, My tears, and my soul
All Bare-

The giggle echos through my empty room
The claps sound louder and louder
The faces might float in, I fear
So I shut my eyes even tighter
Their presence and my nightmare-
Play along in perfect sync
I fill pages with infinite ink
To rub out the memories
Of the perfectly planned bully.

The candle empties from half to full
The hour past three
The window shelters a bright moon
Million of stars-
Petrifying wind-
So I break off my trance
An attempt to cleanse the wound
An attempt to cleanse the soul
A simple attempt that keeps failing-

So I will light a candle again
Tomorrow and the day after until I am cleansed.

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Or maybe think it has some weight,
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