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Neera Handa Dr


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There is darkness,
when trust, respect, and truth,
are won over by falsehood,
when what we believe in,
sinks in this trench of lies!

When what we value and
what’s dear to us is taken over by treachery and its allies!

When something comes between us,
When you can’t face me,
I can’t see my face in your eyes!

It gets so dark, as if
there are no lights!

We can’t see each other,
we can’t even see our own selves.
When that glow,
which glows us, is eclipsed!

A total eclipse of us!

Mutual respect and trust make us strong, and confident in a relationship, and a loss of these traits breaks the ties and those in that relationship.

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A song about total eclipse would be the one A total eclipse of the heart.

I’m, however, thinking of a Bollywood song by Mohammad Rafi.

Take me back to that street, that place, where I left my heart, my soul, myself.

Mujhe Le Chalo Aaj Phir Us Gali Mein (1964) (



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